Are you looking for more ways to save this summer? Read more for over 100 ways for how to cut summer costs to help with those tight budgets... or to help you live more frugally. FREE checklist download for a quick guide. | summer savings | how to save more money | frugal summer ideas |

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Over 100 ways for how to cut summer costs to help with those tight budgets… or to help you live more frugally.

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How to cut on summer costs

20 Ways to save on summer electricity costs

1. Close doors, blinds, shades and vents

to rooms you don’t use very often throughout the day.  Don’t worry about cooling off these rooms, if you rarely use them.  Instead, put a fan in there to plug in and turn on when you’re in the room.

2. Use Fans

This allows you to circulate the air and “feel” cooler, and works best if it’s cool outside and you can open up your windows.

3. Add energy efficient light bulbs

To all your light sources… these light bulbs can be pricey.  So, buy a few and install them in your “most used lighted” rooms.  You can buy these at your local hardware store.

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47 FREE summer activity ideas


  1. When it’s hot out, cool off by making ice-cream or Popsicles.
  2. Or, visit the library.
  3. You can also check the libraries calendar for free events.
  4. Making play dough is fun for older kids, and all ages can practice making their own art sculpture.
  5. Another quick activity is to print off free coloring pages and color.
  6. Make a list of everything your child wants to do that summer, and try to do everything on the list.  If some ideas are too expensive try figuring out a cheaper or free version of the activity.
  7. Not into cold treats? Have a pizza buffet.

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  1. Visit local playgrounds and parks- Sometimes these have beautiful hiking/biking trails to take your kids on too.
  2. Find a local splash pad or water ground and cool off.
  3. Send your kids outside and tell them to “create their own adventure”… You’ll tell them in 30-60 min (age appropriate time) you’ll come get with with a “treat” and want to hear their adventure.  30 min free time for you, and 5 min work afterwards for a quick snack and story.  A win win in our family!
  4. Be a tourist in your own town and visit the free local sites.
  5. Go to local outdoor concerts, festivals and and movies- check your local news paper, or ask around.  Most of the time my friends on Facebook post about the “Free” events they are going to around town

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Download my FREE Summer Savings Checklist Are you looking for more ways to save this summer? Read more for over 100 ways for how to cut summer costs to help with those tight budgets... or to help you live more frugally. FREE checklist download for a quick guide. | summer savings | how to save more money | frugal summer ideas |

23 Ways to Save on Summer Travel

1. Save on gas and plan a one gas tank mini trip

Visit places which only take one day to drive to, or better yet, one day to drive there and back.

Parents.com had a GREAT idea:

Instead of hopping in the car to drive all day, plan out a one-tank mini-trip. You’ll still feel like you’re getting away, and there are probably some awesome nearby attractions that you’ve been meaning to get to for ages — now’s the time!

My sisters family did this last year.  They went to 4 different camp sites in the state and each one was a 1-3 hour drive.  They saved money buy making a whole “day drive” turn into a week drive, and by camping instead.  Each of the state parks had different activities they could participate in.

2. Share with friends and family

If you are vacationing with others see if there is room to share a hotel or rental car.

3. Stay with friends and family

Instead of buying a hotel or vacation home, see if you have any relatives near by who might have a room or two to spare.  Since you’ll most likely be exploring, you won’t be in their house a ton, and when you are, you can catch up!

4. Check out owner rentals or vacation homes

VRBO is a great website, and there are many others.  Some prices can be similar to a hotel, but if you have a large family, these homes are typically much cheaper when you need more rooms.

5. Set a money goal for your vacation

This will help you pick vacation spots, and not feel the “hole in your pocket” when you come back and realized you’ve over spent.

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Best Places to Travel on a Budget

After researching the best places to travel on a budget from 10 different websites (all within on year of posting).  These are the top places (most recommended) to travel on a budget…in the US.  Take a look and find a place that works for your next family vacation!

Best Places to Travel on a Budget


Phoenix, Tucson, and the Grand Canyon

  • Warm weather year round
  • Free hiking, and experience the desert
  • Check out the desert charm by heading to Tucson and taking a scenic drive around Mount Lemon
  • Or camp at the Grand Canyon and save more by going to the park on “free entrance” days



  • Lots of food festivals
  • Many historic sites (Olympic games, and Martin Luther King)
  • Scenic hiking
  • Easy travel with their rail system

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Download my FREE Summer Savings Checklist

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