About Us

Hey, I'm Charisse!

I’m a Mom of 4 young kids and have been married for 8 years!  I live the dream of staying at home, cleaning the house, talking to kids all day, and wondering where all my brains went (and why in the world did we have so many kids…but I still love them).  

All the while, dreaming about a BEAUTIFUL food storage pantry organized and filled to the max with food storage…and not draining our wallet.  I love to talk, eat and teach about anything food storage related.  It makes me so happy!

Our goal is to teach you how to build a food storage to save money, time and space.

Then my sister in law gave me 13 bottles of BBQ sauce she bought and sale and stored (but never used).  Along with about 20 #10 cans of powdered milk from 1999.  Those sat on a big shelf in our smaller living room month after month…unused.

I realized this wasn’t food storage. This was a of space.

I started thinking about food storage different.  

How could I build a food storage that worked for me, which we consistently ate from, rotated, and could keep building on a budget?  

After a ton of research I figured out a system that allowed me to build a food storage that worked for us while saving money, time and space.  It wasn’t just shopping for a list of basic items, buying case lot sales, OR stocking up on bulk grains.

After realizing that most people think of food storage as bland food that wastes away in a dark corner… I knew I had to get better information out there.  

I’d love to teach you how to EAT and ENJOY your food storage, have a plan for it, and keep it organized.  A planned, well used and organized food storage saves you money, time and space.

Learn how we incorporate our food storage into our everyday living to save money.  Feel free to ask questions and get feedback.

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