Hi, we are the Merrills.  We believe in the importance of being prepared in all areas of life… because emergencies come in all shapes and sizes.

Are we hard core preppers?  I don’t think so, although Will may enjoy too many Zombie movies, and I may enjoy food storage too much.  But we do want to make sure that we are able to provide and support our 4 kids incase any type of emergency arrises.

We speicalize in teaching families simple step by instructions on how to be prepared for emergencies through:

  • emergency preparedness
  • food storage
  • frugal living
  • fiances

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen to all of us… and it doesn’t have to be anything significant.  Learn simple steps to start preparing your family today.

Food Storage

Food storage doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing.  Read simple posts on how to start, build, use and rotate your food storage today.

Frugal Living

Simplify your life by choosing to live more frugal.  Follow easy steps and tricks to live more simply while saving money.


Learn the basic steps of how to create, manage, and change your budget.  Start saving today for any future emergencies.

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