Overwhelmed with food storage?

Don’t know where to start?


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The Church has asked you to build a food storage.

What's holding you up?

It costs too much.

Learn how to save money by knowing specifically what you need to buy for your family.  Read about 10 tips shopping for food storage.

Too much time.

Save time by picking the right meals to help your food storage work for you.  Here are 7 tips for picking food storage meals to save you time planning.

I don't have space.

Learn how to save space by knowing exactly what you need to store and buy, then you’ll know how much space you need.  Also, here are 19 ideas on where to store food storage.

Is food storage like a jigsaw puzzle that you just can’t figure out?

We’re the Merrills and we’re her to teach you how to build a food storage that works for you so you can save money, save time, and feel self-assured that you have what you need. 

What Our Customers are Saying

“This is amazing!  Seriously, she answers all our food storage questions and lets you feel like you are making the wisest choices on how to effectively buy for food storage without knowing a lot!  I am clueless about food storage and know I know what to buy and feed my family!” LanaMarie

“Charisse has helped me understand that being prepared for an emergency does not necessarily mean that I need to have a stockpile of wheat and rice. She helped me create a plan to buy foods that I actually use on a regular basis based on recipes that I supplied her. She explained how to begin purchasing and storing these foods and even suggested good places to buy the foods. My customized food storage plan was comprehensive yet flexible. Charisse created a master grocery list for me so that I could purchase the items I need and track them as well. Charisse was quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had about the process, and having a food storage plan customized to the needs of my family is liberating.” Rachel

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Does the thought of food storage overwhelm you?

Or you're afraid to move forward because you don't know where to begin? 

Do you ever get a nagging feeling that you need to have something prepared- and all you want is to be able to know you can put food on the table for your family in times of insecurity?


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3 Secrets to Building a Successfull Food Storage

Is food storage difficult because you have diet restrictions or picky eaters?  What about your budget, time and space are limited.  

Do you feel you eat too healthy and your food wouldn't convert into food storage meals?  Or there's just so. much. information.  You don't even know where to start!


Rest assured, I feel your pain because I was there.  


Until I learned the value of a Recipe Based Food Storage Plan.  


And now you can too!!

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