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Changing Your Oil in Your Car

Looking to save money or be more independent?  Changing your oil in your car can help you with that.  Continue reading for what you need, and how to change your oil.  These are step by step instructions from ChrisFix off YouTube (You can watch the full video below)....

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How to Fix a Flat Tire

Stuck on the side of the road with a flat?  I hope not!  But, in case you ever are.. learn 3 simple ways to fix a flat tire (2 don't involve changing it which is awesome!).  Also, be sure to download your Emergency Car Kit so you know what to include (hint, there are...

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Why do I need a Car Kit?

How many times have you been stuck in traffic or had a flat tire?  Not many, well there are still plenty of other reasons you may want an emergency car kit.  Read below for 11 reasons why you need one. Download your Emergency Car Kit Printable. This post contains...

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Best Places to Travel on a Budget- in the US

After researching the best places to travel on a budget from 10 different websites (all within on year of posting).  These are the top places (most recommended) to travel on a budget...in the US.  Take a look and find a place that works for your next family vacation!...

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