How to Live on One Income

There are many people out there who live on one income.  It is do-able, can be fun, and a challenge. Being frugal isn't being cheap. It's

How do you live on one income?  It’s different for everyone.  We have lived on mostly (90%) of one income for going on 5 years.

It’s difficult, and takes time and commitment, but is worth every bit!

I promise!  Here are the top bloggers who have learned to live on one income and their tips.   If you are a single parent or not, each of these people have something to offer.  I’ll link up the blog post for you to read the full story, and below the link I’ll post the highlights.  Then it’s quick and easy for you to decide which one you want to dig deeper into.

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How to Live on One Income

Caroline Vencil- How to live on one income

  • Prioritize (what do you need, and what can you live without)
  • Live below your means
  • Shop ONLY discount
  • Rethink “necessities”- read more here about top budgeting items.
  • Hand-me-downs is your way to upgrade
  • Save like crazy
  • Make your own EVERYTHING
  • Stop going out
  • Change your habits (are you a spender or a saver?)
  • Make your own snacks
  • Plan ahead for road trips
  • Look to cut corners on bills
  • Accept that this is where you are

Kalyn Brooke- An Honest Look

  • It takes planning
  • Create a very careful constructed budget
  • Requires sacrifices
  • Encourages creativity- Pinterest has some amazing ideas!
  • It is possible

Charming Imperfections- How to make it On $25,000 a year 

  • Change your mindset
  • Watch out who you listen too
  • Listen to the practical advice from others

Faithfully Committed- Thrive on one income

Accidental Hippies- How we live on half our income

  • Don’t carry debt
  • Make frugal choices
  • Focus on your goals

Joyfully Prudent- 5 tips

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In Conclusion

There are many people out there who live on one income, including ourselves.  It is do-able, can be fun, and a challenge (even a fun challenge).

Being frugal isn’t being cheap.  It’s learning to live with-in your means and enjoying life with what you have.

Do you live on one income?  Comment below!

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