Best Survival Gift Ideas- For Christmas

Are you really into preparedness but your friends and family not?  You want them to be prepared but they just don't have the means, money or interest. Check out this list of best survival gift ideas for $20 or less! | survival gifts | preparedness gifts | food storage gifts |

Are you really into preparedness but your friends and family not?  It’s hard right!  You want them to be prepared but they just don’t have the means, money or interest like you?  Giving them a gift to help them become more prepared will give you peace of mind AND help them be more prepared.  It’s a win all around! Check out this list of best preparedness gifts for only $20 or less!

This is even a great list if you are looking for some things to add to your “wish list” this year.

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Best Survival Gifts

Under $10

5-Gallon Bucket Opener– If you store gallon buckets, having a few of these on hand is always a good idea.

High Visibility Duct Tape– This is great to add to 72 hour kits to help with reflectors when lost, or to even build shelters.  Duct Tape is also good for keeping stuff together and in one spot.

WetFire Tinder–  Great to beef up 72 hour kits, or for campers.  It allows you to start fire with wet logs and such.

Stormproof Match Kit– Live in a wet climate?  This waterproof match kit comes with matches and a striker to light in all kinds of storms.

Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle

5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier– Easy to store when not in use, and easy to fill when a disaster is approaching.

Survival Guide Book– This book has the best information out there on survival and preparedness techniques all in one spot.

Digital Emergency Binder– Easily store multiple copies of all your important information.

Multifunction Sharpener– Keep everything nice and sharp with this gadget.

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6ft Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable– Having an extra long charging cable is really nice, especially when you are using a solar panel.

Checklist with Links to build your 72 Hour kit for under $95– An easy list to give a friend to start putting a kit together.

Under $20

Portable Emergency Weather Radio NOAA– Flashlight, phone charger, and hand crank radio is such a good price.  You’ll be able to get all the local weather information and updates and stay in tune with what is happening.  It’s also portable.

Fire Starter– Another great add for campers and those who spend time in the outdoors.

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag Sack– Have you heard of emergency blankets?  This takes that up a notch!  It is a sleeping bag with a draw string, light weight and has up to 90% heat reflective to keep you nice and toasty.

Folding Pocket Stove with Fuel– Warm up water or canned food quick with this lightweight mini stove.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter– Need fresh water on the go?

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Multifunctional Military Army Compass– This high quality compass is great for outdoor use.

Pre-Made Food Storage Plans– Purchase a plan with recipes you think they’d enjoy, and they can start building their food storage without taking time up-front.

Solar lantern– Great way to provide light instead of candles.

Mess Kit– Great for your emergency kit as well as camping.

Dual Port USB Travel Wall Charger– When you do get electricity back, and you aren’t at home, you’ll want extra ways to change your phone.

Binoculars– These are a great multi use preparedness item that not many people think of.

Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife– You can never have too many knifes.  A short fixed blade knife is easy to store, and easy to use.

Escape Tool– This can help any size adult escape from a vehicle.

LED Flashlight, Rechargable– Having a good quality, BRIGHT flashlight is amazing.  LED saves on batteries too.  I remember the first time comparing a regular Walmart flashlight to one of these high grade tactical ones.  It was amazing, and now, I can never go back.

Car Charger 2-Port– Keep your devices charged while on the road.

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WaterBricks– Easy way to store water (although I recommend just finding FREE food grade buckets to store water in).

Under $30

SurvivorCord Paracord– Paracord has unlimited uses.

65 Gallon Water Storage Aqua Pod–  Grab this when you know a disaster is on it’s way, and easily store up to 65 gallons of sanitary water in your bath tub.

Folding Saw– A great working compact saw isn’t only good for survival and camping.  It’s great for cutting down stubborn weeds or trees in your back yard.

Military Folding Shovel– This military folding shovel works great and saves you space.

Emergency Candles– If you live where the lights go off a lot, these emergency candles are a lifesaver.  You can put them throughout your house, in safe spots, and have constant light.  These burn longer than the dollar store ones too.

Over $50

Ham Two-way Radio– Communication is the key if you want to know whats happening, and keep your family in touch and safe.

WaterBOB Bathtub 100 gallon water storage– Store up to 100 gallons of water with this.

Emergency Weather Alert Radio– Keep up to date on weather information, road closures, exits, etc.

Solar Charger Solar Panel-Charge all your devices with this solar panel.

Portable Charger and High Capacity Power Bank– Having an extra battery bank will allow your phone and devices to go for longer periods of time.

Custom Food Storage Plans– Give them the ability to pick their own recipes, and have the work done for them organizing a food storage plan.  All they have to do is start shopping, after they found some good recipes.

60 Gallon Water Storage Kit– A compact kit which you can pull out when you know a disaster is coming, and you can quickly store 60 gallons of water.

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2 Way Consumer Portable Radio– Having radios is a must if you want to communicate.  Cell towers will be down, or  calls and texts won’t be able to go through because everyone will be trying to use them.  These have a 50 mile radius.  It’s also how you will be able to find emergency information.

In conclusion

There are a ton of great preparedness gift ideas to help encourage preparedness with a family member or friend.  Even one who is interested in preparedness would like to add some of these items to their supplies.

What are you best survival gift ideas?  Comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Best Survival Gift Ideas- For Christmas”

  1. One year I got my father a 3-day Just in case pack from Mountain House. Since he already has a propane grill and a propane stove I just wanted to make sure he’d have some food that took almost no preparation to eat in an emergency.
    Other years I’ve done themed gifts of preparedness for the whole family. Sure, one year was flashlights. But another was winter car kits with small shovel and a mat to help get unstuck from a slippery patch.

    1. Love this! We have done the 3 day Mountain house buckets (they were a good black Friday deal), 72 hour kits, and other preparedness kits too. We’re thinking of flashlights this year since my parents can never find theirs. lol I like that idea of an mat to get unstuck! Typically I hear about kitty litter… but that’s heavy and messy.

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