Why do I need an Emergency Binder?

There are many reasons to use this binder OTHER than emergencies. Download your FREE Emergency Binder and learn "Why do I need an Emergency binder".

Many of you might have heard the term “Emergency Binder” but still be wondering “Why do I need an Emergency Binder?“.

This is a binder where you hold all of your important information about everyone and everything in your household.  From medical information, to insurance numbers, to financial accounts and passwords and usernames to all your websites.

It’s a grab-and-go binder.  If something is happening and you need to get out fast… this is what you grab.  So it’s not going to be a huge bulky thing… hopefully only 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick.  But it WILL hold all of your information if you aren’t able to make it back to your computer, or you forgot to grab other items.

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This month I want to CHALLENGE YOU to create your own emergency binder.  I’ll walk you step by step, and by February, you’ll be ready.  So your first job this week is to:

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Why do I need an emergency binder?

Right.  The most obvious reason, is in case of an emergency.  Typically you want this binder quick to grab, and stored by your 72-hour kit (bug out bag).  If you have to evacuate, you can hold all of your families phone numbers, financial information, and medical information to help if there is a medical emergency.

Emergency Reasons:  

  • Stolen identity– This allows you to find quick information on all the cards you have, and the phone numbers so you can quickly call and cancel them as quick as possible.
  • Kidnapping-I really hope this NEVER happens to anyone!  But, in case it does, there is a Child ID kit in your emergency binder… you can use that to give the cops right away when you are frazzled and in a daze with what’s happening.  This allows you to give them ALL The important information they NEED to help your child the best and FASTEST way possible.
  • Medical Emergency– When I have to take my kid the emergency room, they want to know all their medical history… and with 3…4 kids… sometimes I can get confused and forget who’s allergic to what, and when surgeries happened.  (My children are younger, and wouldn’t know). Also, you may not be psychologically with it if you just escaped a burning fire and need to provide information.
  • Proving who you are after a disaster and photos to help find missing family members.
  • Phone and policy numbers so you are able to call and get the benefits you need.
  • Replacing your important documents that may have been ruined in your home.

Non-Emergency Reasons:

  • Start of School– When you need all your children’s most current immunizations, birth certificate, SSN, and other important information you may need.  You’ll find them all in one spot
  • Selling your home or car– When you sale your home, they ask you all kinds of questions. Such as, how much $ did you put into it? What did you fix? And the dates for those.  There is a list in this binder to help you keep track of it for quick reference without digging to find it.
  • Shopping for Insurance– By having your most recent car insurance and home insurance policies (life included as well) on and with your binder, as you shop around for better prices, you are able to easily see what you paid for last year, and what coverage you had.  Then, when they ask you all those questions again, you know exactly what you need, to find the best price for what you WERE getting.
  • Forgetting your log in information- I do this all the time… So, each time I forget it because we did something goofy to our computer, I can quickly look it up and have it without having to reset my password… and forget it again.
  • Holds close friends and family phone numbers and addresses in case you don’t have access to your phone or social media.
  • Holds pictures of house hold items and personal property and valuables in case of robbery or theft.

In Conclusion

An emergency binder holds A LOT of information!

Be sure to keep it locked away, or disguised as something else to keep others from getting a hold of all this information.

So, lets repeat “Why do I need an emergency binder?” Because it not only helps you in times of an emergency, but it can help you with other aspects of maintaining your life in order.  And to be honest, I use my emergency binder once every 1-2 months.

Comment below WHY you have an emergency binder.

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