Food Storage Plans

Custom Food Storage Plans

Save money, save time, save space and learn how to make your food storage work for you with these custom food storage plans.   25% work from you 75% work from me.  

Pre-Made Food Storage Plans

Save money, save time, save space with these food storage plans for families of 4.  These plans include 7 food storage recipes, and shopping lists so you can start building your food storage today, without spending the extra time to “figure it out”.



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Emergency Preparedness

How to Rotate Your Food Storage

It's so hard to remember to use food storage when it's stored all over your house... or downstairs in the basement.  I get it, our is there too.  That's why I've come up with 8 tips to teach you how to rotate your food storage. Download your free food storage plan...

Long Term Food Storage Options

When building your stockpile there are many long term food storage options out there.  Many questions arise about the quality of food, and which type of food storage is best to store?  You've got 6 types of long term food storage options.   There are 6 different...

Long Term Food Storage Planning

Have you built up a small food storage and are looking to grow that into a year supply?  There are a few things you need to know and will want keep in mind when planning for long term food storage so you can be sure you have the quality and type of food to fit your...

How to Cook Without Electricity- Indoor and Outdoor Options

Do you want to learn how to cook without electricity?  Whether it's to save money or to use in an emergency, we've got you covered.  I've made a list of both indoor and outdoor options to get your meals hot and on the table. This post contains affiliate links.  Read...

Where to Store Food Storage

Have you started gather some extra food, but quickly found out you ran out space to put it?  There are lots of ideas that may work for you to store your food storage, but first, you want to be sure they follow these guidelines: Store your food in a... Cool, dark place...

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