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Food Storage

Emergency Cooking Tips

Last week we went over many indoor and outdoor emergency cooking items.  This week, I want to give you some emergency cooking tips so you can cook with your full potential, in the quickest time. This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure...

How to Cook Without Electricity- Indoor and Outdoor Options

Do you want to learn how to cook without electricity?  Whether it's to save money or to use in an emergency, we've got you covered.  I've made a list of both indoor and outdoor options to get your meals hot and on the table. This post contains affiliate links.  Read...

Tips to Save on Heating

Are you looking to save more money this winter?  Whether you want more money to spend on Christmas, or you are trying to pay off debt, these ideas can help you save big bucks.  Scan through these 25 tips to save on heating and watch your utility bill decrease.  The...

Preparing for Winter

As summer starts to settle, and fall kicks in, it's time to think about preparing for winter.  A few reasons to prepare are to: Save money Prevent your home from water, or ice damage Prepare for winter storms and when electricity is out (you will be very grateful that...

How Much Water Storage Do I Need?

Now, water is just as important as storing food.  But how much water do I need to store for my family is the next question?  Good news!  This one is an easy on to answer! Make sure you are preparing for the RIGHT emergency for you!  Download your FREE worksheet today!...

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