Build your 72-Hour Kit for $95


An electronic PDF checklist to take with you to your local super Walmart, and purchase all the items you need for your 72 hour kit for $95 or less.

  • Save time– no need to search where  to buy items you need.  The checklist has it all, straight from your local super Walmart.
  • Save frustration– with so many options out there, sometimes we just need someone to TELL us what to get.
  • Get prepared– Spend 1-2 hours and $95 and you finished with your 72 hour kit.

What’s Inside

  • A simple checklist, with links to Walmart website and pictures of the exact items you need for your 72 hour kit.
  • Another short checklist of items you’ll want to add (personal items and such).
  • A list of “upgrades” to your kit, in case you want more than just a basic kit.
  • A quick guild to “update” your kit.

***These are estimated prices from 2018, prices may vary from location to location… but hopefully not too much!***

If you aren’t sure if this is right for you (or you aren’t a fan of Walmart), download my FREE Step by Step Guide to Customize your 72-hour kit..

Important Notes

This PDF Build your 72 Hour Kit for $95 is to help you prepare for emergencies.  Available for immediate download.  Because of the nature of digital files NO REFUNDS can be given.  THIS IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (although you may use it to make  gifts… it’s a great give to give those who already have everything).  


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