How to Start a Food Storage…You Will Eat

Food storage can be tricky.  I know, one of the number one questions I get is “How to start a food storage?”  and the SECOND question, is “will I want to eat it?”

I’m here to help you start, build, and grow a food storage specifically for YOU (and your family), that you will love, use and even enjoy eating.  It’s not a hoax.  We have been doing this in our family for almost 8 years, and it works.  Not only that, but it saves us money, time, and makes meal planning easy.

Download your FREE Food Storage Plan with shopping lists and recipes today.  

The Custom Food Storage Meal Plan

What is it?

A meal plan built specifically for your family.  This plan is biased off of recipes you eat on a regular basis, and then converted to the types of food you prefer to use for your “long term” storage.

  • Save money– Know exactly what you need to buy, how much, AND use and rotate it easily.
  • Save time– I do all the math for you (How much do you need for your family?  How much should you store?)
  • Stay organized– Know what you have.  Know what you need with an ultimate easy access list specifically for you.
  • Have the knowledge to USE and ROTATE your food storage- I won’t leave you hanging, I’ll provide you with many tips and tricks to answer all of your questions about food storage via an continuing education email series.
  • 1 on 1 access to me-  You’ll be able to e-mail me, and ask me any questions you may have about food storage.

How does it work?

1. Customized Food Storage Questionnaire

You’ll fill out a customized questionnaire.  This includes picking recipes (don’t worry, I’ll have a list of over 50 ideas to get you started), picking what type of food storage you prefer (freeze dried, canned, etc), what size you want each meal to serve, and a few other questions to customize your food storage plan JUST FOR YOU.  Food storage can be tricky.  I know, one of the number one questions I get is "How to start a food storage?"  and the SECOND question, is will I want to eat it? 

2. I put together your plan

You’ve done your work, now it’s time for me to save you time and do mine.  I’ll take the recipes, and customized types of food you’ve given me and create your customized food storage plan.  I’ll send your plan back to you with a PDF doc of all your recipes with easy “food storage” conversions and adjusted to your family size, and I’ll send you back your custom shopping list with various choices of “time frames” to shop for.  

3. Time to shop, organize and use

With your ultimate food storage plan, you’ll be able to see exactly what you have, and what you need.  You’ll be able to incorporate the recipes into your “meal plan” using food storage or non food storage ingredients. 

Don’t worry!  I won’t leave you hanging, each month I’ll send you helpful short educational email tips with step by step instructions to shop, use, rotate, and all the other tips and tricks we’ve learned about food storage.

Save time now, and get started on your food storage.  Click for more information on how to start a food storage plan today!

Not interested in a custom food storage plan?

No problem!  Here are a few posts that show the process we use to customize plans, and it’s been working for us for 5 years!

5 Steps to Start Your Food Storage

How to Build your Food Storage- 4 Step Video Series

Or click here and you can shop through my “Pre-Made” Food Storage Meal Plans.

Ready to build a SIMPLE food storage you'll actually eat?

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