How to Build your Emergency Binder- Step 4

This is the last week.  How to build your emergency binder… this week we are putting it all together!  Wahoo!  Three weeks of prep work, and you are finally here!  Great job!

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How to build your Emergency Binder cont…

Let’s put it all together.

16. Get everything together

Grab that checklist you filled out and organized in the very first post.  Gather all of your copied documents and the other documents you have.  Grab your binder, sheet protectors, and Emergency Binder Storage Device.

17. Emergency and Personal Information

Place these pages in sheet protectors in your binder.  This is the order I recommend, but you may choose to put it in any order you would like.

  • Evacuation Checklist
  • Family Meeting Spots
  • Map of your City
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Family Contact
  • Personal Information for EACH MEMBER, ID kit, and copies of important documents listed
  • Personal Info Cont. and copies of important documents listed

It may be a good idea to keep your Adult and Child ID Kits at the very front of your binder.  These are great for quick grabs and references in case someone gets lost.

Save Paper And Go DIGITAL With Your Emergency Binder NOW


18. Financial Information

Let’s continue with your financial information.  Again, you may choose to put these in any order, but this is the order that made the most sense to me.  Some of this information may be on your electronic storage device, and will not need to be printed off.

  • Financial Accounts
  • Other Accounts Payable
  • 3-5 Years Tax Returns
  • Copies of Major Money Deposits
  • 1-year History of Credit Reports

19.  Property Information

We are almost there!  Let’s finish it up now.

  • Home- Property Deed or Rental Agreement, Insurance Policy, Property Tax Information
  • Vehicles- Car Registration, Insurance Policy, Title or Lien Agreement, Warranties
  • Other- Warranties, Insurance Policies, Receipts of Maintenance and Repairs

Quick Tip:  Keep a folder on your computer labeled “Emergency Binder”.  Then, when you get new documents, or take new photos you can quickly scan in a copy and keep it in that folder until your 4 month update.  (If you are making copies elsewhere, make a “To-Do” list in your Emergency Binder folder to reminder you what you need to make new copies of when the time comes)

20. Keep it Updated

Every 4 months, I recommend updating your Emergency Binder.  You are welcome to do it more often, I personally have a hard time finding time to do it for more than 4 months with 4 little kids. (Be sure to print off the last page of your download.  It has a quick “keep it updated” checklist for you to go over.) Every 4 months, I recommend…

1. Take Photos of these items, when they happen, and save an electronic copy in your Emergency Binder Folder

  • Gifts ALL received at specific  holiday (Christmas, Birthday)
  • Major purchases (washer/dryer, water heater, etc)
  • Major renovations when they are completed

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2. Make a copy at home and add it to your Emergency Binder Folder, or add it to your “To-Do” list in our Emergency Binder

  • New Car Registration
  • Updated insurance policies
  • Updated licenses
  • New certificates
  • New addresses
  • Etc.

In conclusion

You did it!  You were able to build your emergency binder week by week and complete it!  Congrats!  Now that’ it’s finished, schedule a date on your calendar 4 months from now for one 1 hour to update your emergency binder.  Print your Update Your Emergency Binder Checklist (last page of your download) to be sure you’ve covered everything.  I recommend printing off 4 copies and paper clipping them to your calendar every few months to help you remember.

Remember, this binder will help you out with all kinds of things, emergencies, and non-emergencies. Be sure to keep it in a safe place!

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Did you finish it?  What is your tip to beginners just getting started?  Comment below.

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Save Paper And Go DIGITAL With Your Emergency Binder NOW

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