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Looking for quick information with starting to build your food storage? Watch these short videos with basic EASY steps to start building your food storage

Looking for quick information with starting to build your food storage?  I did a video series on my Facebook page, and wanted to group them all together to teach you how to build your food storage in 4 easy steps!

How to Build Your Food Storage

Step 1:  Find recipes

This is the HARDEST step I think for everyone.  I think the mentality is

“Food storage is difficult. The meals are gross.  The food is expensive.  How do I cook with it?”

Don’t let this catch you up!  Watch the video for my insider tips on HOW I find meals to build your food storage.

Now, read 7 tips for picking your food storage meals for some more ideas.

Step 2: Make your shopping list

This video is a little bit longer.  It shows you the exact method I have used to create many food storage menu meal plans.  I am really bummed that Facebook didn’t rotate the camera when I did, so some of the images on are on their side… but it’s still great information!  If you want me to screen shot some versions, I can totally do that!  Comment below and I can send you some shots!

Step 3: Shopping!!!

I know, this isn’t until step 3!  Don’t make one of the BIGGEST mistake you can make when you build your food storage is shopping for items first!  How do you know you will even USE those items?  Do you even like them?  Shopping isn’t until #3.  Go back to #1, and start over!  “Sorry” #notsorry!

Step 4: Storage Options

I show you how I choose to store my food storage.  This has worked best for me, and I have tried MANY ways!

And I forgot to go over water storage quickly!  Here you go!

In Conclusion

I’m going to be honest with you.  Food storage takes time, planning, and organization.  But YOU can totally do this!  It is 100% worth it!  Read about the uncomfortable truths about food storage to be sure you know what you are getting into.

It took us 5 years to build up our one year supply.  Can I tell you what a relief it was?!  We feel much more prepared for when something happens.

Are we 100% ready?  No.

We still need to work on our water, improve our 72-hour kits, and collect our “non-food” items.  And honestly, I would LOVE to change some of the meals AND build a 3 month freezer meal supply.

It will happen, in due time.  Building food storage is like a marathon.  It takes a lot of thinking and planning BEFORE you even start training.  You can also buy my pre-made long term food storage meal plans here.

Further Reading:

How to Use your Food Storage

What are you Forgetting in your Food Storage?

So, I need help!  What didn’t I cover?

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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