72 Hour Kit Mistakes

Building a 72 hour kit can be confusing.   Everyone has a different opinion, and there are so, so many lists out there!  I get it, I was in your spot a few years ago.  I’ve compiled a list of the top 72 hour kit mistakes people make from the experts.

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72 hour kit mistakes

Prepper Ralph

The biggest mistake I see people making is building a single kit for the family. Every member of the family should have a bag that holds survival and emergency needs according to the individual. Even a child should be able to carry a small school style backpack with a change of clothes, a water filter, a few snacks and a game or book they enjoy. Dad or Mom shouldn’t be carrying the entire family’s needs on their backs because it will exhaust them and the family/group won’t make good distance if walking.  Click to read more.

Survival Weekly

Understand that this isn’t a “run off to the woods and live off the land” type of kit. Odds are that if you evacuate home, you’re headed to a motel or to a friend’s house for a couple of days. Pack like you’re going on a trip out of town for a while, then add a few “survival” essentials like a water filter, extra food, and such.  Click to read more.

Survival Sullivan

Making your kit too big and heavy.  Click to read more.

Water Prepared

Faulty Equipment.  Most emergency supplies come with a shelf life, an expiration date, or sometimes they just don’t work properly due to age or faulty manufacturing. Is your rope in good condition? Knives sharpened? Medications up to date? Are all of your bags airtight and equipment working properly? If your kit was assembled a decade ago, chances are it will need some updating before it’s ready to go. The best way to know how your 72-hour-kit holds up against the elements is to test it! You will find out pretty quickly if everything is working well, if you packed enough food, and which items you need to add to the pack, because if a time comes that you really need it, it’s too late to go shopping.  Click to read more.

Will- Readers Comments

The biggest mistake beginners make is they don’t use their instincts when they’re out in woods or wherever. If you have the basics food, water, shelter, weapons and instinct you’ll be fine…but most folks don’t just go trust there instincts.

The Daily Caller

Medications. If you have medications that you have to take on a regular basis, you need to keep at least 3 days worth in your 72 hour kit. Many drugs break down in the extreme heat of a car, so ask your pharmacist how long they’ll stay safe in your car and how long they’ll stay effective.  Click to read more.

Survival Food Reserves

The biggest mistake is not getting past the first step.  Click to read more.

The Ready Store

What are you actually preparing for?  Disasters can strike at any time in any place. But what disasters are most likely to occur in your neighborhood? Do you have to deal with tropical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes? Based on what natural disasters are most common in your area may affect how you prepare by the things you store.  Click to read more.

Kip- Readers Comments

 A big mistake is trying to put everything in your kit. Go with multi purpose items. Weight is a killer.

Art of Manliness

Water.  You will need at least 1 liter of water per day for proper hydration–preferably more, especially considering hygiene concerns and certain weather conditions.  Click to read more.

Bosher- Readers Comments

Can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone use their 72 hr kit  yet.

Independent Living News

No Money. Not having any cash in your emergency kit is a huge mistake. When disaster strikes, electricity is often wiped out. Without electricity, that handy ATM down the street won’t work and the corner grocery store can’t process your credit card.  Click to read more.

The Merrill Project

I have to agree with all of these.  The biggest mistakes are not getting started, and not knowing how to use the items you have packed into your kit.  Click to read more.

In Conclusion

There are many things beginners can make with their 72-2 hour kit.  Focus on one or 2 things, and make changes from there.  Step by step, and you’ll have your 72- hour kit ready to go in no time.!

What do you think the biggest mistake is with a 72-hour kit?  Comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

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