Start your 72-Hour Kit- #1 Tip

You want too…NEED to… start your 72-hour kit, but it can be daunting… I know… it took me YEARS before I took the leap.  But you know what… the little kit we started with, compared to the more expert kit we have now, both work.  BOTH made me feel prepared for an emergency.

The first step is starting.  Take that step and feel more prepared.  You don’t have to research everything before you start.  Read these tips from the experts to help you get on your feet and know where you need to focus your attention on.

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#1 tip to Start your 72-hour kit

Survival Weekly

Understand that this isn’t a “run off to the woods and live off the land” type of kit. Odds are that if you evacuate home, you’re headed to a motel or to a friend’s house for a couple of days. Pack like you’re going on a trip out of town for a while, then add a few “survival” essentials like a water filter, extra food, and such.  Click to read more.

Survival Sullivan

Stay away from pre-made kits, and read more before you buy the items one by one.  Click to read more.

Prepper Ralph

Assemble the contents first, then find a bag that holds them according to your needs. Too many people go out and buy a massive bag, then fill it to the top thinking they’ll tote this 93 pound monster when a 15 pound bag will hold anything you need.  Click to read more.

Prepared in Every Way

Include documents. So many reasons. You may not be able to come back after evacuation without proof of ownership. You may need them for insurance.  Click to read more.  

Preparedness Mama 

Print out your packing list, one for each kit. Download a list to use as a beginning and then personalize it to fit your needs.  Click to read more.

Survival Food Reserves

Just get started.  Click to read more.

Adventure Medical Kits

Essentials.  Ideally you need two kits: a large plastic bin for home and a small portable kit for your car. A good disaster kit has 5 components: water, food, first aid kit, extra clothing and bedding, and survival gear.  Click to read more.

Mom with a Prep

To go along with your 72 Hour Emergency Kit, it’s important to already have an escape plan ready for when you do need to get away from the house quickly. Don’t wait til the last minute to make decisions about where you’ll go because you don’t always have the best decision-making skills in the moment of panic.  Click to read more.

Top Food Storage Reviews

 Decide what goes inside. By visiting websites that sell survival kits as well as popular survival blogs written by reputable experts in the field you can create a list of items you will want to add to your kit.  Then personalize by geography. Now that you have gathered what the typical kits has from step 1, you want to look at your specific area and determine if those items are sufficient or if you need something else. Someone from Minnesota is going to build a kit differently than someone in Arizona.  Click to read more.

The Merrill Project

The first step would be to think about what you are going to be using your 72-hour kit for.  This will help guide you in some of the decisions you’ll need to be making with it.  The second step is to TRY what you are planning on using… be sure it is what you want and know how to use it.  Click to read more.

Tips from Followers

Follow the basics. -Will

Realize that your kit is never done. Times change and so will your kit. -Kip

Start with water, shelter and food…first and foremost. -Bosher

In Conclusion

The BEST thing for you to do when starting your 72-hour kit is to just START.  Ask any questions you may have, and take it one small step at a time.  Work on it 10 min every day, and in a month, you’ll be closer to finishing than you have been in years!

What is your #1 tip for your 72-hour kit?  Comment below and we’ll add it to the list.

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