The Best Food for Your 72 Hour Kit

Which food is the best food for your 72 hour kit?

This is a very common question.  Especially, now that you’ve decided to build your 72-hour kit, it’s time to decide WHICH food is best for you.

I’ve chatted with some other experts in the field, and had them give me what food THEY prefer for their kit so you can get an idea of what you want to store.  Everyone one is different, so it is important that YOU store what is BEST for your family. Be sure to click their title and visit their websites for more preparedness information.

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What food do you use in your 72-hour kit?

Survival Sullivan

Lightweight food – trail mix, freeze-dried, pemmican, jerky, hardtack.  Click to read more.

Preppers Survive

Breakfast: Protein Bar

Lunch: Tuna, Crackers, Dried Fruit

Snack: Beef Jerky  

Dinner: Freeze-Dried Meal Pouch

This is my 72-hour kit meal plan and it’s also what I eat when I go hiking. My meals are mostly protein because it repairs and builds muscles. It also eliminates the feeling of hunger. My food doesn’t have nuts or dairy and is low in sugar. The reason for this is because these ingredients expire quicker and can go rancid. So, if I forget to rotate it or miss a year of hiking, the food is still good. Sugar and dairy can also stimulate the feeling of hunger making you want to eat more. This can be troublesome if you have a limited amount of food. If you’ve got three days of rations and you eat them all on the first day it can hinder your chances of surviving an emergency situation.  Click to read more

Survival Weekly

I prefer Mountain House or similar. Find food that is easy to use, and you can rehydrate right in the pouch, and it is real food rather than a ration bar. But, this is all a matter of personal preference. Sample different types of foods and find ones that not only taste good but agree with you.  Click to read more.

Prepper Ralph 

I prefer dry soup mixes as well as freeze dried foods. Soups will help with dehydration and the meals can be very filling. Other alternatives can be fruit, drink mixes, and other high energy foods that are dehydrated or freeze dried.  Click to read more.

Will Russel from Facebook

The best food for your 72 hour kit would be MRE’s, power bars, and water. The easier you make it… the easier it will be for you and others.

Survival Food Reserves

I keep dehydrated food for all purposes. Click to read more.

Kip Morrow from Facebook

Pack for yourself. Everyone has different needs or likes

Bosher Mickey from Facebook

Excluding water, I use jerky, tuna in oil, protein and nutrition bars.

The Merrill Project

The best food for your 72 hour kit, is the food you are going to eat AND rotate.  Personally, we prefer ER Bars since they taste good (our kids approved), light weight, high in calorie, reasonably priced and take no time to prepare (which is a MUST for 4 kids).  ER Bars are easy to rotate, since we enjoy eating them.

72 Hour Kit Food Menus

Simple Family Preparedness  -Click to read a great article where she compared tons of items and put together some great meals for cheap.

Preparedness Mama

LDS Living

In Conclusion

The best food for your 72 hour kit, is the food you are going to eat.  As you can see, everyone prefers different food for their kit.  Read about the wide variety of options for your 72 hour kit and the pros and cons of each, to help you decide further AND FIND the BEST for YOU.  If you still aren’t sure Modern Survival Blog as an article on how to pick the best food for your 72 hour kit.

What type of food do you prefer storing?  Why? Comment below.

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#1 Tip for Starting your 72 Hour Kit

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