If I could start over with food storage

A wise person once asked me “If you could start over with food storage, knowing what you know now, what would you do?”

I loved this question, and it really got me thinking! Keep reading to find out what I have learned over my last 10 years of food storage, and what I would do if I started over.

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If I Could Start Over with Food Storage

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What would I do differently now?

The short answer, is I would do the exact same thing I’m doing now.

The long answer, I would…

  1. Slow down— and take a look at what meals I am making now.
  2. Plan it out–I would figure out what of those meals are not shelf stable, and how can I make those ingredients shelf stable? Freeze dried, canned, dehydrated? I would plan it out.
  3. Research— I would do my research on what I needed, prices, and companies before I purchased any large amount for food storage. (This article talks about 3 things you want to research before purchasing freeze dried food).
  4. Not buy everything in bulk— it’s such a pain to repackage, and I thought I was saving money, when really I ended up wasting it.

My only regret…

I have absolutely NO regrets about storing food storage. At all. We have moved our food storage about 6 times, and I have 0 regrets. Now, my husband who did the heavy lifting might say something different.

If I had to pick a regret, it would be, currently, I am not replacing it as well as I usually do or would like to right now. Usually restocking food storage and inventory/organizing it isn’t a problem at all. But between the coronavirus, online schooling my kids, and a new baby, I haven’t been as on top of it.

In Conclusion

A wise person once asked me "If you could start over with food storage, what would you do?" Keep reading to find out what I have learned over

Knowing what I do now, after 10 years of growing with food storage from a family of 2 to 7, there are plenty of changes I would make. But I 100% absolutely do NOT regret any of it.

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2 thoughts on “If I could start over with food storage”

  1. My regret is too many canned items. They take up so much more room than items I’ve put in vacuum-sealed bags. The cans were also heavier to move.
    The second regret is not learning to save seeds sooner.

    1. I hear you on the canned items. I wish there was a better way to store glass jars… Seed saving, something I want to get into at some point, but also need to master gardening. lol

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