3 Ways to Jump Start Emergency Preparedness

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Emergency preparedness can be very overwhelming to start with. There are so many places to start, things that can be done, and it is so different for everyone.

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How to jump start disaster preparedness

If you feel so behind with disaster preparedness you don’t even know where to start? Here are 3 simple ways to start and take a major step (with simple directions) to maximize your preparedness.

1. Get your emergency binder into gear

Your emergency binder is one of the #1 things to have with preparedness. Did you know it’s great for emergencies and non emergencies (read more about that here).

Sign up for this freebie and you’ll get week by week steps on how to complete your emergency binder in a month. Yes! You totally can, and what will take you one month following this plan, takes others over a year to accomplish.

2. Start a food storage plan

If you already have your 72 hour kits and evacuation plan in place, then you can start on your food storage. The best thing with food storage is to create a plan which fits your family before starting to worry about what to buy and where to put it. Grab this free 3 basic steps to planning and starting with food storage.

3. Have support

Lets face it. Emergency preparedness, and food storage aren’t something many people enjoy talking about. As you saw with COVID-19 pandemic, people panicked and it took over a month for some people to find toilet paper. (crazy sauce!). Have community or even support to help answer all of your questions about preparedness and food storage can be a HUGE help.

If you want full support, join the Simple Steps to Preparedness Membership. For only $5 a month you’ll get monthly video training, and a worksheet. The specific trainings helps you reach one of your food storage goals each month. The best news is you get to vote for each months topic, so you keep learning about what is most important for you.

In Conclusion

Emergency preparedness can be very overwhelming to start with.  Here are 3 ideas to jump start emergency preparedness for your family

I know disaster preparedness can be overwhelming. But just taking a few of the steps above can really jump start your emergency preparedness.

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