How To Get Your Spouse On Board With Food Storage

Sometimes it can be hard to get your spouse on board with food storage.  It's just hard to get them to push through and truly understand the value of

Sometimes it can be hard to get your spouse on board with food storage.  No matter the gender, sometimes it’s just hard to get them to push through and truly understand the value of having an emergency food supply.

Before we start the most important thing is to not hide food storage from your spouse.

There are a few reasons why they don’t want a food storage.

  1. They have a fear of being labeled as a crazy “prepper” or “hoarder”.
  2. Most don’t want to accept the fact that “something” might happen.
  3. They have a fear of the unknown, which leads to overwhelm and shut down with the conversation.
  4. Many believe food storage is expensive.

That being said, here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

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14 Ways to Get Your Spouse On Board With Food Storage

Convince them through EDUCATION

  • First off, head to and teach them about natural disasters in your area.
  • In addition to researching about natural disasters, you can start watching natural disaster documentaries.
  • Think about a family member or friend who has been through a disaster and discus what it did and how it affected them.
  • In addition, when watching the news about emergencies, point out how comment it is and where food storage would have come in handy.
  • You can also have a date night and go to a free CPR class or some other free local classes.

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Convince them through FRUGAL LIVING

  • Show how a recipe based food storage will save them money because you only buy what you need for how long.
  • Talk to them about food storage as more of “common sense” topic than fear. Such as “Remember that time when we had to run to the store last minute because we were out of _________.” Or “Remember when the kids were sick and we were out of Tylenol?” It would have saved a lot of stress not to make those extra runs to the store.
  • Or, if you coupon, show them how much you can save by buying extras when on sale.

Convince through PERSONAL needs

  • Explain it like food insurance. You buy medical, car, life insurance all for “just in case” scenarios which you “hope will never happen”, only this is food for it.
  • Choose to ask for food storage and preparedness items as gifts for your birthday or Christmas. They will soon realize that this is something you care about and start to show more interest.
  • Honestly talk to your spouse about how stressed you feel by not having a 1-3 month supply of food.  Explain how if by some small chance you had no money, that having a small food supply with make a big difference. And it would greatly ease your stress and worry by storing some extra food.
  • Turn your food storage into a hobby. Canning, organizing, dehydrating.  Tell them this is your hobby, and that there could be worse hobbies (give them a few examples of ones you KNOW they won’t want you to get into).

  • Another idea is to find a part of food storage (or even preparedness) that will make them happy. Do they like camping, bring on the benefits of freeze dried food for backpacking. Do you think they’ll enjoy gardening? Or do they like to take healthy snacks to work, show them how dehydrating works and is a lot cheaper. Maybe your spouse is just feeling left out. Find an area that you think he could truly help you in and ask for help.
  • However, on the other end of the spectrum, if your husband feels to overwhelmed, tell them that they don’t need to help out. You just want to do it and not require any help at all.

In conclusion

The biggest take away is to use kind works and truly explain why this is so important to you.

Do you have another idea of how to get your spouse on board?  Comment below!

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This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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  1. If your family or friends don’t believed in being prepared,accept that.if you do ,then prepair.FOR. yOURSElPH.It will be hard,but maybe you’ll servive.its an indival deseasion.

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