Buying Food Storage: Do’s and Dont’s

Food storage has adapted over the years and old plans aren't working. Read the top do's and don'ts to buying food storage

A few weeks ago I asked this question in my Facebook group:

When you buy food storage, do you plan it with a meal in mind?

I was pretty surprised to see the responses.  It’s amazing the past 10 years of working with food storage how it has adapted from just purchasing bulk grains, to adding in freeze dried on the side.  But now, many families are realizing that these meal plans don’t work for them.

Keep on reading for the top do’s and don’ts to buying food storage so you can truly learn how to build a food storage which works for you 🙂

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Buying food storage the do’s and don’ts:

The dont’s to buying food storage:

  • Don’t straight up buy food storage from a list which tells you how much to buy for one person.  Typically these lists include bulk grains, powdered milk, oils, and sugar.
  • Don’t use those complicated food storage calculators where you enter in your family size and it pops up with a list of what you need to buy… typically including the list above but also with some fruits, veggies and meats.
  • Don’t just buy food storage because it’s “on sale”.
  • Don’t just buy food storage without researching what you truly want to be eating when an emergency comes around.

The do’s to buying food storage:

  • DO buy your food storage from a plan (a specific plan based on meals you eat now using recipes you make now (not a whole bunch of Pinterest stuff you haven’t tried yet.
  • DO know how long you actually want to have a food storage supply for.  1 month, 3 months, a whole year?  Plan on what you want so you know how much to buy.
  • DO your research before purchasing from bulk food storage companies.  You can read more about  where to buy long term food storage here and my recommendations.
  • DO have fun with food storage!  Figure out what you would LOVE to eat if you had no money coming in what-so-ever.  Store the fun stuff (candy, popcorn, etc).
  • DO have a plan on how you will organize your food storage to make sure you stay up-to-date on rotation.

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In conclusion

As more and more families are looking to build a food storage which they know they will eat, as well as their kids, they are realizing that food storage is a little more complicated than purchasing bulk grains and some side freeze dried food.

It’s ok to spend a few months researching what your family likes to eat, and creating a food storage plan before your go out and start buying food storage.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to set up a food storage plan which works for you send me an email and I’d love to chat (

What’s your biggest difficulty with buying food storage?

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This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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