4 Steps to LOVE Food Storage

The key to getting your family to LOVE food storage, is by using what they already love and eat! Read 4 steps to take to ensure your family will love it

Will my family love food storage?  The honest answer…

You WON’T know until the time comes!  

BUT…there are some steps YOU can take to ensure you and your family WILL love food storage as much as possible.  The steps you take in planning your food storage will allow you the comfort of knowing your family will love it later.

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4 Steps to Love Food Storage

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1. Plan meals you typically cook every 1-3 months

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Incorporating meals you already cook allows them to get used to those meals (and will still eat it if you change it up a bit with shelf-stable ingredients). Not only that, but it also makes it easy to rotate the ingredients.  If these meals include fresh fruits, veggies, and dairy, DON’T WORRY!  There are TONS of freeze-dried, and powdered items you can replace it with which won’t change the taste of your meal.  Here are 7 tips to help you when trying to pick meals for your food storage.

2. Keep it simple

Simple meals with simple ingredients allow kids to enjoy it more… or LOVE it!  Not a fan of basic plain/simple meals?  Add a variety of seasonings into your food supply to spice things up!  Check out this list of 100+ food storage recipes that have all been converted into food storage ingredients and tried.

3. Try new recipes and see how your family reacts to them

If you plan on using a food storage meal plan, recipes from a book, or website.. TRY THEM OUT FIRST!  Try out any recipes your family hasn’t eaten.  Make it for them and see how they like it.  Then you know their reaction, and you will know if they LOVE that food storage meal.

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4. Start buying and/or using…

Rice, beans, wheat, powdered milk, and oats more in your day-to-day cooking. Storing these items in bulk saves money AND they also have great nutrients. Oats and beans are a great substitute to add to meals to bulk it up instead of meat.  Use the items you plan on storing… so your family will get used to them.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the SAME recipe… just incorporating the variety of ingredients allows them to adapt and familiarize themselves with it.

In Conclusion

The key to getting your family to LOVE food storage is by using what they already love and eat!

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What meals do your family LOVE?  Can I help you convert them into a food storage meal?

If you need some ideas, here is my 1 Year Food Storage Challenge with recipes and shopping lists for a family of 4 for FREE!

This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here.

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