Prepare Your Family For Survival- Book Review

I was so excited to get “Prepare Your Family for Survival” in the mail.  I have had some contact via blog post with the author Linda Loosli before, but not much.   When I saw she wrote a book, I was interested to see what her book was like, and to learn others opinions on the topic of food storage and emergency preparedness.  This book, defiantly has a lot of information in it.

Before getting started on the review, I need to add a disclaimer.  I have written a food storage book, and it is 100% different from this book.  So, in other words, you can consider “Prepare Your Family for Survival” a competitor.  There are affiliate links in this post to the book on Amazon.

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So, here is a review to help you decided whether it is a good book for you!

Prepare Your Family For Survival Book Review

This book covers practically  EVERYTHING on the topic of emergency preparedness, and how to live post a disaster.


There are 11 chapters which each focus on a specific need for preparedness.  Many chapters are to teach you HOW to get prepared for a disaster.  These chapters include: water, food, cooking and fuel, lights and generators, medical and hygiene needs, a 72-hour kit, preparing for an evacuation, preparing your essential documents, and if you should go or not.

There are a few chapters to teach you HOW to live with a disaster such as how to do your laundry, easy household items that have many different cleaning and healing properties, how do you your own laundry, make your own toilet, and how to involve your neighbors to help.


Informational– There is a lot of information in here for beginners to moderate peppers.  The information is divided up into various chapters, and she covers most types of products in the category.

Covers almost the whole realm of preparedness–  Linda, being in many different disaster situations from a 2 week winter blizzard to evacuating town for a flash flood, she has covered almost anything you can think of to prepare for such situations.

Lists– Her lists are awesome!  Almost every chapter she has a list of supplies or food needed.  Each lists are divided up into days and/or weeks for 2, 3, 4,  and 5 people.  It is easy to know what you will need to store for your family.

DIY tips–  There were many DIY tips for how to make your own washing machine, and toilet.  She also provided information with basic household items (such as apple cider vinegar) which would work well for cleaning and possible health benefits.


No mention about protection– If you are looking for a bookon how to protect your resources such as knives, guns, ect, this is not the book for you.  No tips about how to prepare for an invasion in your city or town either. Personally,  I feel like this should be included, since she goes into many other of the disaster topics, and staying in or not.

Comment from Author, Linda “I did not put weapons of any kind in my book because I wanted this book to be family friendly.”

Lots of words, minimal pictures–  If you need pictures to break up pages, and help you move through the book, this is not for you.  There are pictures in it, but not enough to keep you flipping from page to page.  I found it difficult to stay reading since I got bored seeing page after page of words.

Intimidating– for beginners, this book comes with A LOT of information over most of the preparedness spectrum.  It can be very intimidating for someone just starting out.  The book is more directed towards beginner/moderate peppers.

Plays favorites– although Linda talks about a variety of products, she tends to push towards her favorites.  Especially the water bricks and freeze-dried food.  Both, which are not very cost efficient for a beginner or large family.

Author Authority

The book was written by Linda Loosli.  She originally started her “preparedness” journey when she was a teenager living with her aunt.  For 2 weeks school was cancelled from a terrible winter storm and they went hungry.  From then on, she started learning and practicing preparedness from her miserable experience.  This is an author who loves being prepared, and LIVES being prepared.  She encourages it with her family, and teaches friends and neighbors classes to help them become prepared.

Who this book is for…

Prepare Your Family For Survival is a great book for beginner to moderate readers who have already somewhat started on their emergency preparedness and need more direction.

Advanced preparedness readers may learn some other tips and tricks as well, such as I have.  If you are looking for a book on HOW to survive, such as protecting your family, guns, living on the land, ect, then this is not the book for you.

In conclusion

Linda spent much time compiling her years of experience in teaching, learning, and practicing preparedness and survival into her book Prepare Your Family For Survival.  She makes it easy to get started and prepared for any emergency situation with her lists.

Either way, this was a great read and well worth the time to see other opinions out there!

What would you add to this review?

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