Foods that last for Decades

Foods that last for decades

Some of you maybe asking, “what are the best foods to store for long term?”, and then the very next question… “how do I use them?”.  Keep reading for the list of 15 foods that last for decades.  I’ve got you covered.  There is a good variety of foods that will last for decades (some of them have been found in Egyptian tombs and were still edible).

Since there are so many posts and resources out there, I thought I would list mine in case you wanted some more in-depth information about it.  You can find the video “Top 15 Forever Survival Foodshere.

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Foods that last for Decades

All of these foods have been tried and tested to last for decades.  The KEY thing you need to know is IF they are stored correctly, they can last for decades.

All foods for long term food storage should be stored in a cool dark place away from any moisture, air and excessive heat.

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Not quite a food, but you can only survive for 3 days without water… so you’ll want it.


Make sure there is NO IODINE in our salt.  You’ll want to make sure all the packaging is tight and sealed so that no water can get in.


There are a lot of health benefits to honey, especially local honey.  Also, because of the way the bees make it, it’s highly resistant to bacteria. (check out my honey wheat bread recipe)

White Sugar

Make sure your sugar is transferred into an airtight container so no water can get into it.  Sugar does become hard over the years, but you can break it up and it is still edible. (breakfast recipes)

Distilled white vinegar

Because it is highly acidic, it can keep foods fresh.  Also, it’s great for cleaning not just for cooking with.

Pure maple syrup

Make sure you don’t get the fake stuff, but the true pure maple syrup.

Pure vanilla extract

This contains alcohol, so it prevents bad bacteria from getting in.  Really, any type of flavor of pure extract is a food that will last for decades.

Corn starch

It is used in baking, but also has many health and cleaning uses as well.

Instant coffee crystals

Keep it sealed, in a cool dark place, and it will last for ever.

Download our food storage meal plan and shopping lists.

Dried pasta

Any type of dried pasta, noodles, ramen, etc.  Keep it sealed and in a dry place, and the noodles will last since there isn’t any moisture in it. (Dinner Recipes)

Soy sauce

Try to pick the high quality soy sauce, because that will store for the longest. The salt in it helps preserve it.


Keep it air tight and moisture tight, and it will last forever.


Very old beans will take a little longer to cook, but they are still edible.


Wheat does take some time to use, you’ll need to grind it for most recipes.  Also, if your body isn’t used to consuming it, you’ll want to train your body so it can handle it when it comes to an emergency situation. (Cracked wheat cereal or corn bread)

Hard liquor

I’m not a liquor fan, but from what I have learned the hard straight standard liquor will last forever, not the creamed ones… whatever that means. (insert I dunno emoji here).  It’s also great for medicinal purposes.

Download our food storage meal plan and shopping lists.

How to cook with food storage

Head on over here to my link of over 100 food storage recipes.  Also, one of my favorite recipe books for trying out food storage is Store this Not That.  Their website has a feature where you can search for a food storage item and find many recipes including it. Their books Store This, Not That! and I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage! have some great recipes as well that I use frequently in my meal planning.

In Conclusion

There is a pretty good list of food that you can store and forget it…but I want to caution you against this.  The reason why, is if you aren’t used to eating it and know how to cook with it now, you will have a very hard time in an emergency or survival situation.  The foods listed above are great to incorporate into your food storage, but you also want to add more food AND learn how to use it.  Here is a great post on how to get your family to LOVE food storage.

Do you know some more foods that lasts for decades?  Comment below.

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