How to Run a Marathon and Finish!

How to Run a Marathon and Finish!

This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here This past Saturday, I ran a marathon (it’s been 5-8 years since my last half and full) this past weekend!  I did!  Really!  And I didn’t die… Sunday I did, but not during...

76 FREE Date Ideas

After having three kids and becoming a stay at home mom, money became tight.  I went on a search of the BEST FREE date ideas to keep us on our feet at getting to know one another better.  I made sure to divide them up for indoor/outdoor actives for a quick pick...
Toddler Busy Bags

Toddler Busy Bags

This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here With two boys at home I started searching for something for my toddler to do, quietly, and mostly by himself while the baby (at the time) took his morning nap.  I decided to do a busy bag...

Cheap Valentine Date Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here When trying to stick to a budget, or live off one income, it can be difficult to find some fun cheap date ideas, esp for Valentines Day when it’s centered on flowers, chocolate,...

Simple Food Storage Plan (Shopping lists and recipes).

Food storage expert reveals her insiders secreate how to build a healthy food storage (without stocking up on food you won't eat!).  

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3 Secrets to Building a Food Storage...

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