76 FREE Date Ideas

76 FREE Date Ideas. After having three kids and becoming a stay at home mom, money became tight. I went on a search of the BEST FREE date ideas to keep us on our feet

After having three kids and becoming a stay at home mom, money became tight.  I went on a search of the BEST FREE date ideas to keep us on our feet at getting to know one another better.  I made sure to divide them up for indoor/outdoor actives for a quick pick depending on the weather.

Outdoor Activities

  • Go to a free concert
  • Host a backyard game night.  Pinterest has some GREAT ideas!
  • Walk your local dogs… check the humane society
  • Be a Tourist in your own city and visit a local landmark
  • Go stargazing
  • Pack a picnic and go somewhere
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Go on a hike
  • Ride Bikes
  • Cruse the Flea Market or Farmers Market
  • Set up a movie under the stars using your lap top
  • Attend a gardening event and pick out some fun plant ideas for your pretend garden.
  • Attend a high school football game and have each person picks a team.  It’s ok if you don’t know the schools!
  • Take Selfies all over the city then make a collage of them
  • Make paper air planes and have contests to see whose can fly the highest, lowest, farthest, shortest, ect
  • Go to a favorite spot and watch the sunrise/sunset… make sure to bring some treats along to sweeten the deal
  • Play tag at the park.  This works best with group dates, and is my favorite!
  • Feed ducks at the park
  • If there is snow on the ground find some hills and go sledding
  • OR, if it’s hot outside find a pool or lake and take a swim
  • Play Frisbee at the park
  • Borrow a boat and head out on the water
  • Set up a picture scavenger hunt on the town
  • Go Geo-cashing in your area is a great free date activities, and sometimes you can find treasures!
  • Borrow your friends sport equipment and try a new sport (tennis, golf, ect)
  • Since you are on a date, go somewhere in public and pretend to “hook up” for the first time
  • To on a camp out… backyard or at a campsite
  • Go fishing.  Borrow a friends gear if you don’t have any


  • Watch street performers
  • Have a water gun fight
  • Go Bird Watching and try to figure out what types of birds they are
  • Grab some skates and go skating.  Roller blades and skates can be found for cheap at Goodwill
  • Go to the rooftop of a high building and watch the city at night

Indoor Activities

  • Take a stroll through a free museum
  • Have fun mingling e at a local Art Opening
  • Visit a community theater
  • Settle down for a NetFlix Marathon
  • Find some friends and host a game night indoors… usually board games.  Search Pinterest for more indoor game ideas
  • Volunteer at the local homeless shelter
  • Go for a scenic drive
  • Get inspired at the library and find some new books to read
  • Re-create your first date… but do it at home
  • Seach to internet and make a bucket travel vacation list
  • Plan your dream house
  • Play a board game
  • Bake something together.  Bonus points for it being holiday worthy!
  • Cook dinner together OR for each other then swap and eat
  • Put together a play list of your favorite songs to dance to (slow or fast!)
  • Look at old pictures and videos together.  Either of you two, or of your history and baby photos
  • Have a S’mores night
  • Build a fort… then find some snacks and a movie, or cuddle
  • Watch each others favorite movies back to back
  • Visit You Tube to find the funniest videos you can
  • Create your favorite date
  • Give a massage
  • Play a computer game together
  • Learn each others favorite game and play it
  • Have fun babysitting for a friend (probably more fun if you don’t already have kids)
  • Dress up for a home photo shoot
  • Test drive cars
  • Learn a new skill (find stuff in the library or on YouTube, Pinterest)
  • Take a trip to the airport or mall and people watch
  • Create a bucket list
  • Plan your dream vacation/ or just your next vacation
  • Complete a DIY project.  BONUS points for an activity that you’ve been wanting to do!
  • Play Truth or Dare
  • Write a list of your favorite things about one another, then share it
  • Go for a drive and create your own city tour
  • Go on a free factory tour in your area
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Walk around your favorite stores and make a “If only we had a million dollars list”
  • Try folding origami animals.  Use a library book, or youTube as your guide
  • Visit Open Houses to find what you want in your dream house
  • Attend a Home Depot Workshop and learn something new
  • Enjoy spending time together making home made pizza
  • Finally… play with Play Dough and try to guess the sculpture the other person made

What was your most memorable “free date”?  Comment below

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