Everyday Frugal Living Tips

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I contacted some of my FAVORITE frugal living blogs and asked them "What is one thing you do every day to be frugal?". Here are 8 Frugal Living Tips to use
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I contacted some of my FAVORITE frugal living blogs and asked them”What is one thing you do every day to be frugal?”

Try to start off the new year with one of these ideas!  They are GREAT and everyone can find something from these experts opinions.   I LOVED the responses I got, and have already committed to a few of them to start off my new year.

Everyday Frugal Living Tips


One thing I do (almost) everyday is borrow books rather than purchasing them. I read a LOT, so the price of even a kindle book really starts to add up. Instead of paying every single time I want to read a new book, I will borrow it electronically from a library. This saves me a decent amount of money since I normally read about 4-6 books a month. -Addi


One thing I do every day to be frugal is make my own lunch. If you’ve worked in an office you’ve seen how many people get lunch out. There’s nothing wrong with eating out, but when you do it a lot it adds up to real money. I work from home so it’s easy to just grab something out of the kitchen. Even if I have a meeting with a client I try to bring my own lunch to save money, not to mention be healthier in what I eat. – John


When I started my frugal journey I would buy the cheapest item and go. I have found more often the hard way that in the long run that will cost you more money. Spend a little more and buy a quality item with good reviews that will last longer instead of buying the cheap item over and over again.  -Danielle


I save my favorite old meal plans and shopping lists so I can reuse them on busy weeks when I don’t have time to put together a brand new menu plan. I’ve already done the work once, so I figure why not benefit from it over and over again! -Jazmin


I think before I buy! Sometimes I’ll carry something I like around a store and think about whether I really need it. Usually, I don’t need it, and I put it back before I check out. Also, I keep every receipt so that I can return something later if it turns out I don’t need it! -Heather


It is very hard to pick just one thing we do every day to be frugal. So I will give you a few frugal things that my husband and I do on a daily basis.  We brew fresh coffee every morning and bring it with us to work in personal stainless steel coffee mugs. Freezer cooking and meal planning are big in our house.  With a house full of hungry boys I like to know what I am cooking for dinner before I leave the house in the morning. There are lots of things we do on a daily basis to be frugal, most of them are small.  Every little bit helps when being frugal.  I will tell you my favorite frugal thing we do, most nights my husband and I will have a coffee/tea date.  After dinner is done we will brew up fresh tea or coffee and sit and talk about our day, our son may request a cup of dairy free cocoa and include himself in our conversation.  It costs us maybe pennies a glass and the conversation and family time is free but amazing. Family time in our house is important. I hope this helps. -Cynthia


I try to follow a minimalist lifestyle as much as possible. By focusing less on material things, I have money to spend on experiences and activities with my family. I only purchase material things that would serve a purpose in my home, and only if I’m sure there’s nothing else I already have that I can use for that purpose. -Kristina


One thing I do every day (almost every day) to stay frugal is check my bank accounts.  Just these past 2 weeks, I was charged and extra $64 dollars for a bill, which I called for a refund, then another $70 from the same company a week later!  If I had not been consistently checking my back account, I would not have seen the extra $134 they were charging my account.  Keeping an eye on our bank accounts also allows us to be more aware of where our money is going and we don’t get over draft fees, and stick to our budget better.  -Charisse

I LOVED the responses I got!  Each person had something unique and great to offer for frugal living tips!  Thank you for participating!

This year our goal is to to focus more on meal planning and returning more items we don’t need.

What do you do each week to live frugally?  Comment below!

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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