72 Hour Kit Mistakes

Building a 72 hour kit can be confusing.   Everyone has a different opinion, and there are so, so many lists out there!  I get it, I was in your spot a few years ago.  I’ve complied a list of the top 72 hour kit mistakes people make from the experts. Sign up and...

The Best Food for Your 72 Hour Kit

Which food is the best food for your 72 hour kit? This is a very common question.  Especially, now that you’ve decided to build your 72-hour kit, it’s time to decide WHICH food is best for you. I’ve chatted with some other experts in the field, and...

Start your 72-Hour Kit- #1 Tip

You want too…NEED to… start your 72-hour kit, but it can be daunting… I know… it took me YEARS before I took the leap.  But you know what… the little kit we started with, compared to the more expert kit we have now, both work.  BOTH made...

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