How to Build your Own Mini Survival Kit

Survival mini kits are great for many reasons.  They are a handy little tin to have with you in case of emergencies, to help aid you in your survival.  These items are to help you collect water and purify it, a few ways to start a fire, items to catch or snare small game, a light source, and the basic first aid items.

Below is an example of our mini survival kit.  Survival kit tins are great because you can adjust to YOUR settings and needs.  So these are just some basic tips and what we feel is important in our survival tins.

Be sure to read to the bottom to learn how each item in your kit can be used for a variety of things.

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Build your own Mini Survival Kit

This one has higher quality and longer lasting items.  They are also more convenient items to use in case of an emergency.

  • Small Altoids tin (or tin the same size)
  • folding pocket knife
  • a small lighter
  • 2 water purification tablets
  • a small roll of duct tape (roll duct tape from a large roll onto a straw)
  • about 3 feet of stainless steel wire
  • 6 storm matches
  • match striker
  • a mini glow stick
  • 1 large plastic bag
  • triple antibiotic ointment
  • cotton balls

How to use your items

  • Tin Container- perfect for carrying your small items
  • Knife- used to cut many items or shave wood into smaller kindling.  If you have a mini leatherman, there are many other tools which can be used
  • Bic Lighter- another way to start fire- better when no wind or rain present
  • Water Purifier Tablets- assists in purifying water to drink; instructions on package
  • Duct tape roll- Combined with cotton ball and Antibiotic ointment for a Band-Aid; use a bright color to signal for help
  • Stainless steel wire- used to snare small game; bind wood or other items together
  • Matches- another way to start fire, storm proof ones make it easier in bad weather situations
  • Glow stick- combined with duct tape and wire to be used to signal help; can also be used as a light source
  • Large plastic bag- used to collect water as a “water still”.  Or used as “water bottle” and able to purify water.  And the basic way, to keep items dry.
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment- assist in basic first aid, and can be used as prolonged fire starter when combined with cotton ball
  • Cotton Ball- combined with Antibiotic Ointment and Duct tape for Band-Aid.  This can also be used as prolonged fire starter when combined with Antibiotic ointment

Other items you may want to add:

  • magnify glass to assist starting fire
  • small mirror for signaling

Keep in mind…

When you build your own mini survival kit, it will fit anywhere!  If push comes to shove, you’ll have a way to build shelter, light, a way to gather water, and light a fire.  These kits create a TON of variety in what you can do in an emergency!  Add a survival kit to your 72-hour kit, create a car kit, ect.

Being prepared doesn’t have to cost a lot, or take a ton of time and space.  It just takes a little bit of planning.

Why would you need a mini survival kit?  Comment below on your thoughts

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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