Prepper Bundle 2017

This sale is now closed.  Instead, try this:  Ultimate Preparedness List of Blog Posts

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE preparedness guide?  The Prepper Bundle 2017 is back!  This FLASH sale is for 3 days only!  This sale STARTS FRIDAY and ends Monday.

I took part in this, and submitted 4 of my Long Term Meal Plans for food storage, but there is so much more in it!  It covers topics on food storage and preparedness, since I know you care about that kind of stuff.

What is the Prepper Bundle?

The Prepper Bundle is an eBook and eCourse bundle with 28 different authors and 30 different resources.  You are able to log online and see all these resources for an unlimited time.  Allowing you to keep going back and learning more on your path to preparedness and self reliance.

You are also to buy the bundle at an increased price to have all the e-books downloadable onto your computer, for easier access.

The 30 resources covered are:

  • Preparing your family for an emergency
  • Creating a wholesome, healthy food storage
  • Organizing your home to allow for preparedness
  • How to build your emergency kit, 72 hour kits, and first aid kits
  • Alternative cooking techniques and recipes
  • Seed saving and gardening
  • Edible and medicinal wild plants
  • Learn about bushcraft and primitive survival
  • Preparing for extreme weather
  • Plus learn how to do more things yourself, manage a small homestead, and much much more!

Why is it such a good deal?

Because as a blogger, my goal is to teach you how to be come more self reliant, and believe it or not… there are other people out there, like me, who want to do the same thing!  So, we got together, to give you an ULTIMATE RESOURCE guide at a discounted price.

This is the same bundle that was for sale back in June… and they have had many requests to open back up this opportunity.  Especially with all the hurricanes, and wild fires going on.  And, we really do care about our readers, and want you to be prepared.  That is why we are offering the prepper bundle AGAIN this year (which usually NEVER happens), for 3 days only.

If you were to buy each of these resources separately you’d pay over $300, but for this short sale it’s 90% OFF!  The sale starts Friday at NOON, and ends Monday at NOON.

It’s a super deal, but it’s more than that.  It’s the information you need to help you ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for any type of crisis or disaster.

I must warn you though…

It’s kind of like buying in bulk, there’s a ton of stuff and it can be overwhelming. That’s why they have included a getting started guide to help you utilize the most relevant information to you so you can begin preparing immediately.

Click HERE to learn more!

If you have more questions about what the Prepper Bundle is, read my FAQ.

The creators of the bundle, Jennifer and Bill Osuch have created other bundles as well, and they have had thousands of satisfied customers from them!

Buy Now!

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