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Looking to invest in a book to help you with food storage? Store This Not That may be just the book you need. Keep reading to see the highlights and low

I was so excited to get my new “Store This Not That” book in the mail for my birthday!  I have to say, it did take me about 2 weeks to finally make it through the whole thing!  There was so much information in it!

Before getting started on the review, I need to add a disclaimer.  I have written a food storage book, and it is 100% different than this book.  So, in other words, you can consider “Store This Not That” a competitor.  There are affiliate links in this post to the book on Amazon.

So, here is a review to help you decided whether it is a good book for you!

Store This Not That Book Review

The title tells you exactly what this book is about.  They start with your 72-hour kit (3 day supply) and week supply.  Next, they progress to your 90-day (3 month) supply.  And finally get into your year supply.

Each chapter

conveniently tells you of the of many different kinds of products that are on the market at the time the book was written.  The whole book was written with their personal opinions, and they don’t push you to go with their opinions.  They tell you why they do or don’t like each item.  They review:

  • what the products taste like (good or bad)- freeze-dried, canned, dehydrated, bottled, other packaging
  • compare prices from one product to the next informing you on your best buy
  • tell you why they LOVE or HATE a product using “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”
  • tips on how to save money in the specific food category
  • explain what each product works best for in storage and cooking
  • they inform you on how much you need to store of each product (in their opinion) for top survival


Pleasing to the eye– This book has many beautiful pictures, and is full of color.  A stark difference compared to the many picture-less black and white books out there.  It looks upbeat and vibrant.

Easy to read layout… or not– This book was a bit larger than I had expected.  I was worried about how thick it was and honestly, it was a turn off.  But, once opened, I was drawn in by the easy to read layout.

Some of described it as a “magazine-ad” layout.  Each page is divided into 2-6 sections and broken up into easy to read chunks.  At times there were many sections where it was hard to choose which section/box to start with on a page, and found myself making circles.

Easy to navigate– Very easy to navigate with their table of contents and index.  They made it easy to find specific categories and topics.  They also made it very clear on which items to “store this not that” for your food storage.

DIY section in the back– This was a bonus section in the book!  They covered 4 quick DIY topics:  canning, gardening, dehydrating, and sprouting.  Each 2 pages with quick informational tips and where you find more, recommending their favorite books on the topic.

Recipes– Food storage recipes are easy to come by, but  finding a tasty variety can take some digging.  They complied a list of: 2 weeks breakfast, 1 week lunch, 4 weeks dinner and another weeks worth of desserts.  Each recipe uses plenty of food storage ingredients, and gives you the conversions and different cooking instructions to make your life easier.  I have tried a few of their recipes, and have loved 3/3 so far!


Basic information–  Although the book contained a ton of GREAT information, it was mainly for beginners getting started.  For those of us who have already built up a large supply, there wasn’t too much more to learn.  A lot of the prices and comparison would have already been done by a more seasoned food storage person.

Rotating– This can be very tricky with food storage.  What should I rotate? What shouldn’t I?  Do I even need to rotate food at all?  They cover this briefly, as in use your food storage and re-stock… but that’s about it.

Bonus Section–  The DIY bonus section was great!  But, it did leave someone wanting more information without having to go buy another book.  Maybe it should have been better left out?

Author Authority

The book was written by 2 authors, who both have a lot of history and information with food storage.  Between the two if them, they have been in the food storage business for over 18 years!  I consider their insights creditable for these few reasons:

  • They have worked for many different food storage companies
  • Both have been using and applying their food storage to their every day life for years
  • Taught many classes to a variety of people
  • Crystal has already written one food storage book I can’t Believe it’s Food Storage

In conclusion

The authors of “Store This Not That” worked together well to provide a great book with tons of information related to food storage.  This is a great book for beginners who aren’t sure what types of food they should buy, or where to start.  For advanced readers, you’ll probably want to look into more of a survival or preparedness book to get more “non- basic” information.

Either way, this was a great read and well worth the time to see other opinions out there!

Have you read Store This Not That?  What can you add to the review?

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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