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Number one food storage tip from the experts, who have been working with food storage for years. Read this if you are looking to start building your supply

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Hey guys!  Are you just starting out with food storage? I emailed out a few of the top experts in the “food storage” business and asked them this question:

What is your number one tip you would give someone just getting into food storage and building their long term food supply?

They gave some great tips to help beginners start their food storage!

Number One Food Storage Tip

Store This, Not That

Don’t get overwhelmed.  At the beginning of my food storage journey I was told a story about a beautiful field of daffodils in the San Bernardino countryside. People flock to the area every year to see the sea of gold. In front of an old a-frame house is a sign inscribed, Answers to the questions you are asking “50,000 bulbs, planted by one woman, one bulb at a time.” People tend to look at food storage as the end culmination of a large mass of food, instead look at it one can at a time. It’s easy to find money and space for just one can. Build it over time, steadily.”

Living Prepared 

Keep it very simple with minimal varieties!  (You can always make it complicated later, just get some food on the shelf ASAP).  Read more HERE.

Food Storage Made Easy

Start with food first.  If you think you have to have expensive powerless cooking tools before you start storing food it will be a long time before you get a reasonable amount of food in your storage.  You never know the reasons you may need to have food, and it’s more likely you will experience a job loss or economic crisis than a debilitating natural disaster causing you to lost power.  So get a decent supply of food on hand, and then start to explore some options for cooking.  You can always start with inexpensive home-made stoves and ovens and save up for larger more industrial cooking tools over time.”

Skilled Survival

“The best advise I can give anyone is to simply get started. Even if you can’t afford to have a year’s supply for each member of your family, get started. Start with 1 month and add to it over time.”Read his continued article about food stockpiling.

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Preparedness Mama

“Beginning your food storage plan can be overwhelming and expensive! I’ve found that it’s best to take it in small bites instead of rushing out to purchase a whole year of food at the beginning. Start by making a list of the 14 meals that your family eats the most and begin purchasing these ingredients each week when you grocery shop. You’ll be surprised how much you will get ahead if you strategically allocate $10-$15 a week towards a  food storage plan. Aim for 3 months to start and build from there.”

Figuring Out Food Storage

“My number one tip would probably be, “by what you can afford“.

In conclusion- My Tips

I’ve got 2 tips (I write the blog, so I can!)

The number one food storage tip would be it takes time.  Food storage, emergency prep, preparedness doesn’t happen over time.  It takes time and patience as you work towards your goals.  My other number one food storage tip is plan ahead.  You will save yourself a lot of time, money, space, and frustration if you plan what you need, how you will use it, and research where you will get it.

What is YOUR number one food storage tip to give beginners?

Tips from Readers

“Buy what you eat!”

“Start today.  Take very opportunity.  Save in other areas to build up your food storage.”

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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