Number 1 Preparedness Mistake

Want to know what the number 1 preparedness mistake is?  Everyone has a different opinion.  I’ll give you the number 1 mistake I believe people make, but also the other top 5 mistakes I see people make.

*Updated July 2020*

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Want to know what the number 1 preparedness mistake is?  Everyone has a different opinion.  I'll give you the number 1 mistake I believe people make, but also the other top 5 mistakes I see people make.  Number 1 Preparedness Mistake is

Number 1 Preparedness Mistake

—>Following the wrong advice.  There are tons of sources out there and tons of people telling you what you need to prepare for, how you should do it, what you need, and so on.  You need to find a person with the same “preparedness” belief as you, and someone you can trust.  There are extremists and faith based preparedness experts.  Find someone who you connect with and trust.

Other Common Preparedness Mistakes

Not having an emergency binder. 

Now, a lot of people say you need to have one, but it takes so much time and effort that not many people actually put in the energy to complete it.  The reason I feel this is so important is because it has EVERYTHING, I mean everything you need to know.  It is something you can rely on for any emergency.  If your kid gets lost, you loose your house in a tornado, you have to evacuate, for some reason you loose your memory.  Anything.

An emergency binder will help you put your life back together.

Preparing for the wrong thing, or not knowing what to prepare for.

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We have fallen guilty of this.  When thinking preparedness you think the basics (72 hour kit, food storage, etc), but forget about all the little emergencies that are happening now. It’s cheaper, and more important to know what you need to prepare for.  Focus mostly on the little things, then work towards the big things.

  • Do you have kids that always get sick?  Stock up on the medication and first aid supplies needed.
  • Forgot (or ran out of time) to get groceries?  Stock up on food you always use (typically baking supplies).
  • Are you in a flood zone, or hurricane zone?  Have a 72 hour kit read.  Are you in a tornado or earthquake zone?  Have supplies in a “safe” place in your house where you will be waiting out the disaster.
  • Are you at risk to loosing a supply of income?  Learn how to budget and start saving, create an emergency fund.

Storing the WRONG food…and not enough water

Storing food is great, but is it the right food?  Is it food you KNOW how to cook with?  Do you eat this food on a regular basis?  Will your kids eat this food in a stressful situation?  Plan your emergency food using food you already use on a monthly basis.  Create a personal food storage meal plan for YOUR family so you know you have the right food to eat.

Forgetting alternative cooking sources.

Electricity is out.  Or it’s a blizzard or raining outside.  How you going to cook?  One of the common sources is a butane stove because it allows you to cook indoors.

Forgetting the reason you prepare.

And about life after the disaster.  Every “prepper” I have talked to prepare for their family.  So, while you may be caught up in all this preparedness, don’t forget about them.  Remember to live for today, while you are preparing for tomorrow.  THEN, remember to prepare for life after the disaster.  One or two weeks down the road after a disaster (loss of income, tornado, flood, etc) how will you stay positive and happy?  How can you de-stress and learn to enjoy life when your whole world has changed?  Prepare for that.  Learn how to life frugally and enjoy the small things in life.

In conclusion

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Each persons preparedness journey should fit them and their family.  Be sure to take a look at these mistakes, and improve on them.  Learn what works for you and your family, and follow that.

What preparedness mistakes have you made?  Comment below so we can figure it out together.

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