Food Storage Tip: Long Term Food Storage

Food storage can be a really long and overwhelming project (for those of you won’t don’t live and breathe it like I do). I get asked all the time, “What would be your best food storage tip for beginners starting out?”

Many thing they just go out and buy extra cans when shopping, and others start with buying bulk ingredients.

But I’m here to tell you my long term food storage tip has nothing to do with spending money.

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Long Term Food Storage Tip

The first thing I ALWAYS tell people when starting with long-term food storage is to make a plan. When you start off with a plan you are able to:

  • Save money
  • Save space
  • Easily rotate your food
  • Allow to fit in picky eaters and diet restrictions/food sensitivities
  • Save frustration

So, the first step, is 100% FREE and doesn’t cost any money. Set aside an hour one week and start with your plan.

What You Need To Plan

What do you need to plan?

First off, you want to start with a “meal plan”.

Think of a basic menu plan you plan for your your family for the month. This one will be a one week plan, and you need to make sure you include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Second, make your list

As you gather any recipes you need for this plan, start making a list of ingredients AND how much you need for that. This is going to be one long list of ingredients for each meal, for 7 days. Yes, it’s going to be a long list. When you come across double ingredients, don’t add it to the list, just add the number to the first one.

For example: 1 c sugar for your muffins. Then you need 1 Tbsp sugar for your pizza dough. On your “list”, have 1 c + 1 Tbsp.

I have a “food storage brain” which keeps the recipes, list of ingredients, and does all the math for me. You can snag that as a bonus with the Food Storage Master Class which teaches you this exact technique in depth.

Third, start shopping

Now that you have your menu of 7 days, and your list of ingredients and how much you need for those, then start shopping for them. Once all bought, this will give you a one weeks supply of food.

If you want to take things a step further, BEFORE shopping, then multiply every ingredient on the list by 4. This will give you the amount you need to have this one week plan, for 4 weeks. Essentially, a whole month supply of food.

In Conclusion

Many fear starting food storage because of the cost and overwhelm. But this long term food storage tip has nothing to do with spending money.

In conclusion, the best place for beginners to start with food storage is making a plna.

If you would like my exact step by step process of how to turn what you eat now (recipes and all) into the perfect food storage for you (no matter your picky eaters), then check out the Food Storage Master Class.

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