How Much Food Is Enough for My Family?

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That is the million dollar question.  How much food is enough for my family?  You can find many "food storage calculators" online telling you how many pounds
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That is the million dollar question.  How much food is enough for my family?  You can find many “food storage calculators” online telling you how many pounds of x, y, z to buy.  Or bulk food storage packaged that claims to provide enough food for 1 person for a year.  But is this food really enough?

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No.  It’s probably not.  Welcome to my soap box.

How to know if you have enough food for your family.

You spend the time and calculate your food storage based off of a few things:

  1. Meals your family already eats.  Do you have a go to list of 2-5 meals that can cook from heart and always have  those ingredients on hand?  Those are the meals you want to plan for food storage.  (yes, macaroni and cheese can be one of those meals).  Read this article on tips for picking food storage meals and how to get your family to love food storage.
  2. Knowing how much each meal feeds.  Does it feed 4 and you need to double the recipe?  Does one meal feed your whole family without needing sides or more?
  3. Picking a group of meals you are willing to eat when time gets tough, then plan on how long you want to “prepare” for… I recommend starting with 3 months.
  4. Buying enough food to have 3 meals a day, for 3 months using the group of meals you picked.

I know sometimes you eat more than 3 meals a day, or have snacks and sides.  That’s ok.  Just know, if you plan 3 “big” meals, for 3 months, you’ll have enough to feed your family.  Then, you can add in extra snacks and sides (especially because most of us “boredom eat”, and realistically don’t need all the extra food in between…speaking for myself here).

I highly doubt cooking with food storage can be good.

WRONG!!!  If you aren’t sure how to cook with food storage ingredients Store This Not That has some AMAZING recipes (and YouTube Channel) baking some great meals!  Almost every meal I made, I have a food storage ingredient too.  You’d be surprised with how much taste meals you can make using food storage.

In conclusion

Knowing how much food is enough for your family, is specifically related to YOUR family.  Not to what a calculator or store tells you is enough.  Buy enough food for the meals your family eats for the “frame” of time you want to be “enough”.

How much food do you hope to store?  Enough for 3 months, a year?  Comment below.

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