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So many people ask me how I planned and built our food storage so quick...Below is the quick and condensed version on how to stockpile 3 months of food

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So many people ask me how I planned and built our food storage so quick… I tell them… read my book.  Joking!  I explain to them how I did it, then I tell them, I wrote a book about it to make it easy for others.

I know books cost money, and take time to read, so I condensed it down for you.  Below is the quick and condensed version on how to stockpile 3 months of food in 1 year.

How to Stockpile enough food for 3 months


First I made a plan.   You want to plan out 7 different breakfasts and dinners that were similar.  Also, include bread and PB&J or lunch.  (My Favorite Home Made Bread Recipe)  Here is list of 100+ food storage recipes which can help you find meals that you already eat, and have already been easily converted for food storage.

After you  plan out what meals you want, you’ll need to create a shopping list for ALL the ingredients.  This will be a very long shopping list… which is why having meals with similar ingredients will help.  Here are some of my long-term food storage meal plans.


Next, you will want to multiply everything on the shopping list by 12… Which is 12 weeks or 3 months.  This is where things can start to get tricky.  You’ll want to have everything in the right measurements.  Make sure all of your oil is for cup or Tablespoons.  Be sure to include water needed to boil stuff as well.

***Quick Tip:  This post does does everything for you, with recipes included to stock pile 3 months of food in one year.***

The blog post above will also give you some ideas of what I’m taking about for shopping lists, recipes, and how I divided the shopping up over a years time.


Next you will want to start collecting food.  I found it best to keep the shopping list on my phone and deleted things as I bought them. Whenever I went grocery shopping I made sure to buy 1-5 items on the list (depending on my budget for the week).

After I ran out of small items to buy, I started collecting the big items and bought 2-3 big price items at a time.

On my 1 Year Food Storage Challenge, I divided it all up into $115 a month.  This allowed you to buy your WHOLE 3 month supply of food in a year.

I originally only spent about $25 a month collecting food, then I would save extra from our tax refund or bonus pay checks to buy the more expensive items in bulk.

Now what?

Well, since you started with a plan, you now know exactly WHAT meals you can cook when an emergency arises!  This is AMAZING because you will already be stressed out and thinking about what to make for dinner, is already done!

An the process of of collecting your food, you will be using it.  It’s important to continue to use those baking items, and canned food in your every day cooking.  When you use an item, add it to your grocery list.  This allows the money to come from your basic grocery budget, and you are replenishing your supply.  Be sure to read about the uncomfortable truths about food storage to have an idea of what you need to prepare for.

What meals do you have in your 3 month supply?

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You can also check out Shop, I have 7 different meal plans including breakfast or dinner options already planed out with shopping list included for 1 week, 1 month, or 3 months.

Readers Comments:

“Rotate foods near the end of their shelf life by using them in your kitchen and adding fresh foods to the stockpile.”- DragonCityHacksAndCheats

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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