Cheap Valentine Date Ideas

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When trying to stick to a budget, or live off one income, it can be difficult to find some fun cheap date ideas, esp for Valentines Day when it’s centered on flowers, chocolate, expensive restaurants and such.  This past year, we decided to go “frugal” with our Valentines Day.  I searched Pinterest for some great cheap valentine date ideas that were practically free, and fast to put together!

MY FAVORITE favorite favorite idea is #1!  It’s what Will and I did on our first Valentines Day… We had just gotten engaged a week prior… it was ALL his idea.

Cheap Valentine Date Ideas


  1. First is the ultimate favorite one!  Make Home made pizza in the shape of a heart and grab some sparkling cider for an outside candle-light dinner.  Now, this was in Arizona, so it was plenty warm enough… Since my husband planned it, he went out and bought pre-made pizza dough and all the toppings.  We had fun creating our own, then chatting over the warm candle light dinner.
  2. Make sugar cookies together and decorate them- More points for Heart cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles!
  3. M and M bowling–  Buy a pack of M & M’s and find 10 water bottles and a small ball (or oranges and grapefruit work too!).  Create a “Key Code”.  Each color of M & M represents a different way to bowl (one foot, eyes closed, backwards, ect).  Then enjoy a goofy fun cheap bowling game!
  4. Take him on a Mission Valentine Love Hunt from thee Dating Divas)
  5. Since Love is the name of the game, Create your own Love Story.  Grab photos, pictures, and scrapbook supplies and make your own “Love Story” book.  It could be true or made up!
  6. Ice cream tasting contest– buy lots of small cartons of ice cream to taste, OR buy basic vanilla and add in your own toppings.  Feed it to your spouse and have the other guess what flavor it is.
  7. Since V-Day is a fancy holiday, Dress up really nice and make your spouses favorite dinner by candle light
  8. Busy in the evening, that’s fine!  Just make Breakfast in Bed!
  9. Because you might be busy all day, send your spouse off with a “Love Lunch“.
  10. Artistic?  Have a “Valentine Painting Night“.  Just pull out some paints and a canvas (aka: card stock) and paint each other a Valentine
  11. Different from the basic romantic dinners, have a Waffle Bar Dinner.  In reality, cooking together in the kitchen can be a ton of fun and yet you get to come up with fun toppings!  (We love adding sprinkles!)
  12. Regardless how old you are, you NEED to try Building a “Romantic Fort”.  Make sure there are lots of blankets and pillow for cuddling.  Show a movie on your lap top, listen to romantic music, or ask each other getting to know you questions.
  13. Have dinner in bed… OR dessert in bed if you have to wait for the kids


  1. As much as we love cuddling, switch it up a bit with a Cuddling basket.  Include everything you need for cuddling then head out to a favorite spot. For example: soft blankets and pillows, sweet/salty favorite treats, a good movie or some quiet music, candles, bath bubbles
  2. Take a stroll at sunset– If it’s warm enough outside!  OR  Find a cozy warm spot at the park and drink hot chocolate watching the sunset– if it’s cold enough outside!
  3. In case you ran out of time, and really need something fast, grab some hot chocolate and go Stargazing
  4. Seems like movies are ALWAYS on the list of ideas, but tend to be expensive.  Have a Drive in Movie find a romantic movie and some cheap treats to sweeten it up.  Hook up your phone to your car and watch a movie in the back seat!  Or have a movie in, and “drive in” to your couch!
  5. Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt ending with dinner outside.
  6. “Re Kindle” your fire and make some S’mores… Bonus points for using “heart” Chocolate!
  7. Need something more upbeat and less “lovey-dovey” since that’s what V-Day seems to be about (and you aren’t ready for that), try Ding Dong Ditching.  Make some yummy Valentines Cookies and ding dong ditch them at friends and families.  In reality, who doesn’t like to look really sneaky and goofy while completing each Ding Dong Ditch?
  8. Since I LOVE The Dating Divas ideas.  Here is another one.  They have a super cute “Plane Crazy About You” Date idea!  I LOVE it.  It has fun cute printables too.  You can go out to fly air planes, have a picnic, and join the “Mile High Club” for something a lot more intimate.
  9. Depending on the weather Go Skating with roller slates or Ice skating…making sure you hold hands!
  10. Take a drive downtown going “couple watching”.  Talk about all your “Firsts” in your relationship…
  11. Find a good seat downtown and people watch with some warm hot chocolate and a blanket

In reality, sometimes V-day is just too busy, and you can’t celebrate it.  Have no fear…  run out and grab the 50% off candies and celebrate “Late Valentines Day

What are you favorite dates?  I would LOVE to hear more ideas!

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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