Should I Have Comfort Food in my Food Storage?

Comfort food consists of anything yummy you like to eat. Sweets or snacks included. It's important to have snacks and comfort food to keep you going! Food
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Should I have comfort food in your food storage?  I get asked this question ALL The time!

Yes!  You Should Have Comfort Food

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Especially if you have kids!

Comfort food consists of anything yummy you like to eat.  Sweets or snacks included.

It’s important to have snacks and comfort food to keep you going!  Food storage might not taste the SAME because you could be using more powdered items or freeze dried items.  They can also be quick items to eat in a rush.  But MOST Importantly, they are for the kids.  If you have kids, you may need to bribe them to eat a meal to get the calories for energy and health.

Incorporating comfort foods can help break up the basic food storage items and make meals more fun.

Two notes about storing comfort foods

  1. Basic chips and crackers don’t store as long and require more frequent rotation or they go stale… (unless you like that type of food). Make sure if you store them, you are frequently rotating them out.
  2. You can make some comfort foods such as cookies, pudding, popcorn.  These will last longer when storing the ingredients instead of storing the packaged item.

Some Examples of Comfort Food:

  • Crackers
  • Hard candy (These are great and last long… but do get sticky and mushy with humidity)
  • Chocolate
  • Chips
  • Cookies (from scratch)
  • Hot chocolate or other Juice Mix
  • Soda Pop
  • Cake (from a box… they rotate quick at our house)
  • Brownies (from scratch)
  • Popcorn
  • Soft candy chews

Comfort foods are great items to have in your food supply, but it’s important to realize they should NOT be the only OR first things on your list.

I recommend starting with the basics, then progressing to snacks and comfort food. 

For Example: Cooking ingredients -> Breakfast Stuff -> Dinner Stuff -> Lunch Stuff ->  THEN candy, desserts, crackers, snacks, ect.

Store This Not That has some AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS recipes using food storage.  Check them out!

What food can’t you live without?  Comment below!

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