Why my Budget is Failing

Budgets are great… if they work.  There are many reasons why your budget may be failing.  Below is a list of 12 reasons to look at when asking yourself “why my budget is failing” and some solutions to help you out. I’m gonna let you in on a...

How to Live on One Income

How do you live on one income?  It’s different for everyone.  We have lived on mostly (90%) of one income for going on 5 years. It’s difficult, and takes time and commitment, but is worth every bit! I promise!  Here are the top bloggers who have learned to...
How to Pay off the Car Fast

How to Pay off the Car Fast

All my single college years I was saving money to buy a  new/used car less than 5 years old. In May 2010 I graduated and got married. By August 2010 we bought a Honda 2007! We only had a couple thousand saved up for a down payment; so we still needed a 5 year loan. I...

Simple Food Storage Plan (Shopping lists and recipes).

Food storage expert reveals her insiders secreate how to build a healthy food storage (without stocking up on food you won't eat!).  

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