22 Recipes for Powdered Milk

I never used powdered milk before, but needed it for my food storage. Started collecting recipes... here is a list of 22 recipes for powdered milk

Powdered milk is a GREAT item to have in your food storage.  There are so many recipes calling for dairy.  If you are still on the fence about buying powdered milk, here are a few reasons why you should invest:

  1. It is cheaper than milk
  2. Easier to “have milk on hand” than having a cow or goat
  3. Shelf stable
  4. If you run out of milk in your fridge, you don’t have to run to the store to grab some
  5. Its crazy easy to cook with!

I keep powdered milk in my food storage… so that I have milk I can USE for cooking in case electricity goes out or if we are tight on our food budget, we can make till next month with some milk.

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As I started buying powdered milk, I wanted to be sure I knew how to use it so I could rotate it out.  I was also given about 10 #10 cans of powdered milk from 1999 and was wanting to use it up so I could replace it with a more “fresh” supply.  I came up with a list of some great recipes to practice using your powdered milk.  (Personally, I’ve never drink my powdered milk… I only cook with it…. I’m not THAT brave, yet).

Recipes for Powdered Milk

For substitution use 1/4 cup Non-Instant Powdered milk AND 1 cup water for each 1 cup of milk

Tried and True Recipes:

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Great Food Storage Recipe Books:

Cooking with powdered milk is SO easy!  I keep my powdered milk in a container right beside my sugar, flour, oats and salt… and I use it more than my sugar!  I love being frugal and saving money on milk by using powdered… and it saves space in my refrigerator too!

What do you use powdered milk for?

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This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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3 thoughts on “22 Recipes for Powdered Milk”

  1. It looks like you have it all figured out years ago mom did have to have milk in the refrigerator as long as it was cold the kids never figured out the difference and I’ve always used powdered milk and recipes if that’s how it’s out everything or not but love you for trying

    1. Yep, many have used it for years, my parents and grandparents have. There are still some who haven’t tested it out yet, or are just getting started 🙂

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