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If you are looking for the Prepper Preparedness Bundle 2017 sale, I’m sad to say, it is has ended.  It was a 6 day sale only with only those specific books.  Sorry you missed it.  The e-books had some great information in it!  Hopefully Self Reliance School does another one next year.

Don’t leave yet though, here is a list of preparedness posts that you may be interested in.  Take a look around, and be sure to comment below if there isn’t a topic here that you’re interested in.  I split them into 3 categories: Food Storage, Preparedness, and Frugal Living.

Food Storage

The Ultimate List of Food Storage Websites

5 Steps to Start Building Food Storage

#1 Food Storage Tip for Beginners

100+ Food Storage Recipes

How to Use Food Storage– YES!  You need to use it.

7 Tips for Picking Food Storage Meals

How to Build a 3 Month Supply of Food

Al about Water Storage

How to Build your Food Storage: 4 Part Video Series


How to Be Prepared for Anything

DIY 72-Hour kit

How to Build an Emergency Fund

Why You Need to be Prepared

DIY Fire starters with Household Items

How to Prepare your Home for Winter

Frugal Living

Everyday Frugal Living Tips

Ultimate List of Frugal Living Websites

10 Ways to SAVE Money on grocery’s Without Using Coupons

17+ DIY Projects for Frugal Living

How to Get a Month Ahead on Expenses

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Further Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage Websites

Top Selling Preparedness Books

How to Build your own Mini Survival Kit

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