5 DIY Fire Starters – with Household Items

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Here are 5 DIY fire starters with Household Items.  I GUARANTEE you WILL have items in your house for at least one of these!  These images are taking from a 3 min video from HouseholdHacker and the video is at the bottom of the article.

Fire starters are great for grilling and camping, but can also be used for 72-hour kits.  Read here and here to learn how to be prepared for anything.

DIY Fire Starters

Cotton Balls and Wax– Dip cotton balls into melted spare wax around your house.  Or take wax was from old candles where the wicks are too short, extra candles, OR crayons(example of it in the video). A side note using crayons, the don’t burn too well.

Toilet paper tubes, dryer lint and dryer sheet–  Roll up a small fist full of dryer lint into your dryer sheet, then shove into toilet paper tube.  This one is quick, and doesn’t involve the stove!

Pringles–  Yep, the most amazing salty snacks EVER!  Just “pop” the can and lite them up!

Oranges– Grab and orange and a sharp knife from the kitchen.  Cut off the “orange” part of the peel trying to avoid the liquid stuff.  Then, set the peelings out  to dry. Once dry, they should light up and burn well.

Egg carton, Petroleum Jelly, and Dryer Lint–  First, break up the cardboard egg carton into sections.  Then, add a “generous” scoop of petroleum jelly in the bottom.  Finally, shove in the dryer lint.  Work the lint into the bottom corners, then it’s ready to go!


Final one!  This one is not listed in the video, but is similar to the one above.  We personally use these and LOVE them!  You’ll need a cardboard egg carton, wax and dryer lint.  Take your cardboard egg carton, and stuff it full of dryer lint.  Next, melt a good amount of candles (we prefer to buy tea lights because it’s easier to work with).  Pour the melted wax over the dryer lint in the egg carton.  Let dry.  We take the whole egg carton with us camping and are able to tear off as many starters as we want.  We have been able to start multiple fires with wet wood and wet ground using these.

DIY fire starters are GREAT to add to your 72-hour kits!  Get a free guide to customize your 72 hour kits by clicking this link.  

Here is the Household Hacks full video!

What DIY fire starters have worked great for you?  Comment below.

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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