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Instant and Non-Instant Powdered Milk: What’s the Difference?

Powdered milk is an amazing addition to your pantry.  It's great for food storage, but also helps with frugal living and cutting your grocery bill when you use it in recipes that call for milk.  But powdered milk can be tricky.  There are 2 different types of powdered...

Red vs White Wheat: Which is better?

When I first started with food storage, I thought wheat was wheat.  Then my sister in law started talking about different kinds of wheat, and I was like "What?!"  I am so confused!  Since then, I have learned the difference between hard white and red wheat and the...

How Much Water Storage Do I Need?

Now, water is just as important as storing food.  But how much water do I need to store for my family is the next question?  Good news!  This one is an easy on to answer! Make sure you are preparing for the RIGHT emergency for you!  Download your FREE worksheet today!...

How to Store Water

Everyone tells you that you need to store water.  And you probably agree with them.  But there are 2 problems. You don't know how to store  water. You don't have enough space to store water. Storing water can be tricky, and to be honest, we haven't even completely...

8 Steps of Emergency Preparedness- The Emergency Preparedness Ladder

Have you ever started a project but didn’t read the instructions and started at the wrong point?  Or missed part of the information about something and was really confused?  Or you kid is yelling at you at the most crucial line in the whole movie/TV show... fill in...

How to Know What to Prepare For

We are all told we need to prepare right?  I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  A lot of people are preparing for the wrong things *gasp*.  And now I'm gonna be honest with you... that was us!  We had been preparing for emergencies for 6 years before I took this...

Number 1 Preparedness Mistake

Want to know what the number 1 preparedness mistake is?  Everyone has a different opinion.  I'll give you the number 1 mistake I believe people make, but also the other top 5 mistakes I see people make. Number 1 Preparedness Mistake Following the wrong advice.  There...

How to Jump Start A Car

Having jumper cables in your car is a good idea, but not knowing how to use them... not so good.  If you know how to use them then anyone can help you with a vehicle that works.  Learn in under 10 min how to jump start a car so you can be prepared next time the...

Changing Your Oil in Your Car

Looking to save money or be more independent?  Changing your oil in your car can help you with that.  Continue reading for what you need, and how to change your oil.  These are step by step instructions from ChrisFix off YouTube (You can watch the full video below)....

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