Emergency Preparedness

Digital Emergency Binders (1-6 person)

emergency preparedness binder

Customers are able to fill in all of their important information for an emergency.  Above all, everything is electronic, easily mobile and able to save.

  • Save time
  • Save paper
  • Stay organized
  • Customized to your family size

Because of the more frequent natural disasters, a quick electronic binder will save you space and time when an emergency arises.

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72-hour Kit  FREE Guide

emergency preparedness 72 hour kit

Building your 72-hour kit just got a whole lot easier, because we all know we start with good intentions, but never really finish it.

Let’s be honest.  We all KNOW we need to have a 72-hour kit for emergencies.  Starting with good intentions, but along the way get frustrated and distracted.

If you are serious about building a 72-hour kit for you and your family, you need a different approach.  Download this guide so you can be prepared for the next emergency.

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Winter Prep Checklist- FREE

emergency preparedness winter checklist

By taking small steps to prepare your family, you are preparing for greater emergencies.  Go through this quick checklist to help you see where you are and what areas you can improve on.

A few reasons to prepare are to:

  1. Save money
  2. Prevent your home from water, or ice damage
  3. Prepare for winter storms and when electricity is out

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Food Storage Meal Plans

emergency preparedness food storageemergency preparedness food storage


Because food storage is so difficult to start, these food storage meal plans are perfect for food storage beginners.  Designed to save customers time, and frustration.

The meal plans each include 7 recipes, and shopping lists for everything you need for 1 week, 1 month or 3 months.

Saving yourself the confusion of knowing which recipes are “food storage” appropriate.  Each recipe shows you how to cook in basic fresh ingredients, canned, freeze dried or dehydrated.

Save yourself time from doing all the “math” related to converting recipes.  And stay organized while building food storage with “What I Need” and “What I Have” lists.

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Electronic Budget Worksheets

Creating a budget and managing it can be difficult.  Use this electronic fillable budget worksheet guide to create, manage, and review your budget easily from your device.

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