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How to Shop for Food Storage

Have you finally decided to work on food storage, but suddenly got overwhelmed on where to buy it all?  Everyone is telling you where they get theirs, and which company not to buy from.  Knowing how to shop for food storage can be an overwhelming process.   Read these...

How Much Food Is Enough for My Family?

That is the million dollar question.  How much food is enough for my family?  You can find many "food storage calculators" online telling you how many pounds of x, y, z to buy.  Or bulk food storage packaged that claims to provide enough food for 1 person for a year. ...

What type of Food Storage is Best

What type of food storage is best?  This a common question asked by many beginners and even more experienced "preppers".  With TONS of stores out there to purchase, you can feel pushed into buying certain food.  Continue reading to find out which food storage is best...

Where do I Get Food for Long Term Storage

There are many food storage companies out there, each one with different prices, similar food, and all claiming their food to be the best and store the longest.   Which store is best for you to buy from?  Below I listed 5 different stores, which are my top choices...

Why my Budget is Failing

Budgets are great... if they work.  There are many reasons why your budget may be failing.  Below is a list of 12 reasons to look at when asking yourself "why my budget is failing" and some solutions to help you out. I'm gonna let you in on a secret... it took us...

How to Live on One Income

How do you live on one income?  It's different for everyone.  We have lived on mostly (90%) of one income for going on 5 years. It's difficult, and takes time and commitment, but is worth every bit! I promise!  Here are the top bloggers who have learned to live on one...

How to Stick to a Budget- 48 Tips

Great you've got a budget... but now what? Sticking to a budget can be difficult.  There are good months and bad months.  But don't let that get you down.  Here are 48 ways to help you stick to a budget. 48 ways to Stick to a Budget Download FREE Budgeting Worksheets...

How do I Start a Budget- 5 Options to Choose From

Building, creating and starting a budget is a big step to make.  You want to be sure you have set up your budget the right way, according to your personality, to ensure the budget works the BEST for you.  So, before your start a budget, ask yourself this: Am I a Saver...

72 Hour Kit Mistakes

Building a 72 hour kit can be confusing.   Everyone has a different opinion, and there are so, so many lists out there!  I get it, I was in your spot a few years ago.  I've complied a list of the top 72 hour kit mistakes people make from the experts. Sign up and...

The Best Food for Your 72 Hour Kit

Which food is the best food for your 72 hour kit? This is a very common question.  Especially, now that you've decided to build your 72-hour kit, it's time to decide WHICH food is best for you. I've chatted with some other experts in the field, and had them give me...

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