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The Best Food for Your 72 Hour Kit

Which food is the best food for your 72 hour kit? This is a very common question.  Especially, now that you've decided to build your 72-hour kit, it's time to decide WHICH food is best for you. I've chatted with some other experts in the field, and had them give me...

Start your 72-Hour Kit- #1 Tip

You want too...NEED to... start your 72-hour kit, but it can be daunting... I know... it took me YEARS before I took the leap.  But you know what... the little kit we started with, compared to the more expert kit we have now, both work.  BOTH made me feel prepared for...

What is a 72-Hour Kit: Do I really Need One?

A 72-hour kit is one of the most important things you can spend money on, and provide your family.  This is a kit that is used the first 3 days after a major crisis or emergency.  You take this kit with you when there is a major threat making you leave your home. But...

How to Start a Food Storage…You Will Eat

Food storage can be tricky.  I know, one of the number one questions I get is "How to start a food storage?"  and the SECOND question, is "will I want to eat it?" I'm here to help you start, build, and grow a food storage specifically for YOU (and your family), that...

How to Build your Emergency Binder- Step 4

This is the last week.  How to build your emergency binder... this week we are putting it all together!  Wahoo!  Three weeks of prep work, and you are finally here!  Great job! Just in case you missed it, or are just joining us, you can sign up and download your FREE...

How to Build an Emergency Binder- Step 3

Ok guys, it's time to get down to the grind.  This week's step in building your emergency binder, is starting to fill out all the paper work.  FREEZE!  Don't get overwhelmed and walk away.  I'm going to take you through it step by step, so it's not over whelming....

Introducing the Back To Basics Bundle- 2018

Have you heard about the Back To Basics Living Bundle.  I hadn't either until last year working with Self Reliance School with the Prepper Bundle.  I wanted to be sure to share it with you because it has some amazing resources, and a HUGE variety for anyone.  I think...

How to Build your Emergency Binder- Step 2

Last week, you should have printed off the checklist, pg 3 (from your emergency binder download), and marked what you can get ready, need copies of, and what you can keep a digital file of.  You should have ready: a pile of documents ready to go into your binder...

How to build your Emergency Binder- Step 1

This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here Oh!  In case you missed out last sure to Sign up and download your FREE Emergency Binder Printable to prepare for lifes greatest emergencies How to build your Emergency Binder 1....

Why do I need an Emergency Binder?

Many of you might have heard the term "Emergency Binder" but still be wondering "Why do I need an Emergency Binder?". This is a binder where you hold all of your important information about everyone and everything in your household.  From medical information, to...

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