DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Jump to 27 DIY Gifts for Friends and Co-Workers Jump to DIY Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here A long list of DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to give your family, friends and co-workers. Little...

Food Grade Buckets, for FREE

  Food grade buckets are a highly wanted commodity in the preparedness word.  They have so many different uses, it is unbelievable!  Right now, we are using them 5 different ways in our house!  The hard part is… they can be very expensive, or difficult to...
Looking to Upgrade?  Think again.

Looking to Upgrade? Think again.

Thinking about upgrading?  Think again. I do not own a overly-large house.  Our house fits our needs.  I do dream though… I dream about having a HUGE house… a basement full of toys and kids, a guest room for family to visit, a game room…ect. BUT,...

Christmas Bootcamp 2018

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year!  As our kids are getting a little bit older, it’s been fun having them start to think about making Christmas gifts for each other.  I know it’s only October… BUT, it’s time to start planning for...

FAQ Prepper Bundle 2017

Prepper Bundle FAQ 30 resources is a small library, how will I even know where to start? The reality is that you probably won’t need every single resource in the bundle. It may only take one book–one connection–for you to start making real progress. In order for that...

Simple Food Storage Plan (Shopping lists and recipes).

Food storage expert reveals her insiders secreate how to build a healthy food storage (without stocking up on food you won't eat!).  

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There is no easier way to start building your food storage then from this simple guide.  (Recipes make it wasy to cook with food storage.  Shopping list to buy 1, 4, or 12 weeks supply of food for all the recipes). 

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