2 Mistakes which Sabotage your Food Storage

When starting food storage, I see 2 major mistakes which pop up. If you've been making, they will sabotage your food storage.

Recently, as people have been asking me about food st orage and preparedness, I’ve noticed 2 thins pop up.  And these are both some major mistakes they’ve been making which, if you make, will sabotage your food storage.

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How to NOT Sabotage your food storage

Since these mistakes keep popping up in my Facebook group and from email responses, I wanted to make sure I could help you get past them.

1. Thinking food storage is expensive and unhealthy…

so you don’t even start.

Food storage is your FOOD INSURANCE.

You have car insurance, home insurance, and medical insurance…. all which are very expensive.  Food insurance is probably the cheapest insurance you can provide for yourself and your family.

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Food storage costs the same amount as any of the other groceries you are buying.  Yes, freeze dried can be more expensive, but that will only need to be a small portion of your food storage (like 25-40%).

When you build food storage from a plan, then you won’t over spend on food storage you won’t need and use.

If you eat healthy food, including my organic eaters out there, you can STILL store healthy (even organic) food storage.

2. Not wanting to use your food storage…

since it’s not an “emergency” after all.

No, no NO!  Please don’t do this!  But, if I’m gonna be honest, because you are some of my besties, I did this for a few years…until I figured it out.

It’s OK to not use your 30 year shelf life food storage (aka freeze dried and such), because this will cost you lots of money and when you cook with it, your meals will get expensive.

But you do want to use your canned items, bulk grains, home canned, home dehydrated items,  and everything else.  This allows you to save money by eating food storage when prices are high, and save you trips to the store (and buying those extra, not needed items).  Also, this allows you to easily rotate your food storage so you don’t end up tossing it out 50 years later when you move because you never used it (true story).

In conclusion

Please, please don’t sabotage your food storage by thinking it’s too expensive you don’t even start… and if you have started, but not even rotating it.  If you’ve got any questions!  Let me know below!

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This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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