Red vs White Wheat. Whats the difference? First, why wheat?  Wheat is a great item for food storage!  Here's why: it is super cheap, very filling, you can grind it into flour which is WAY healthier than white flour- lots of protein!

When I first started with food storage, I thought wheat was wheat.  Then my sister in law started talking about different kinds of wheat, and I was like “What?!”  I am so confused!  Since then, I have learned the difference between hard white and red wheat and the benefits.

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Red vs White Wheat

First, why wheat?  Wheat is a great item for food storage!  Here’s why:

  • it is super cheap!
  • very filling
  • you can grind it into flour which is WAY healthier than white flour- lots of protein!

Red Wheat

This is the type of wheat most people think of.  It’s a redish-brownish color, and has a distinct “wheat” flavor.  All of the wheat bread you see which is more brown, that’s made from red wheat.  Red wheat has more of a bitter and strong taste to it.  If you use it with cooking, you’ll want to add more sugar to the recipe to cover the distinct wheat taste.  Red wheat is heavier and also has more acidity which makes it difficult for digestion.

White Wheat

This is a “newer” type of wheat.  It has a more white/golden color to it.  If you use this type of wheat to make breads and pastries, most people wouldn’t even know.  White wheat is a lighter grain which makes it easier to digest.  Cooking with it, you can swap it in place of white flour and it works great with hardly any wheat taste at all.  Because of the lightness of grain, you don’t need as much sugar when cooking with it.


In conclusion

When looking at the difference between red vs white wheat, we prefer white wheat over here.  I like it because of the softer wheat flavor, and that it doesn’t add a brown color to my bread.  Since we have gotten a lot of red and white wheat given to us, we use the oldest first with our cooking.  If you have a hard time digesting wheat, definitely try the white one, but if you come across some bargain priced red wheat, that works just as well too!

Which type of wheat do you prefer?  Comment below

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