14 Recipe Custom Food Storage Plan, Premium Support, and eBook


Do you feel overwhelmed about food storage?  Is it just too much right now? Don’t know where to start?  What to buy? How much do you need? Or …..you  just don’t think you can even store food because of a special “diet”?

Let me help…

  • Food and recipes you eat on a regular basis (your kids can’t turn down a food storage meal if they already love it and eat it)
  • Save time and money.  Food storage doesn’t happen overnight.  I’ll give you your shopping list… you buy it when you have the money and space.
  • Get organized.  Learn how to use, rotate and store your food on a regular basis so you feel comfortable using it, and don’t waste money on it going bad.

 ***Once purchased, be sure to download PDF and send email to directed address so we can get started as soon as possible!***

How it works:

  1. We create a plan based on recipes from your diet which you already enjoy eating.  Picky eaters, dairy or gluten free? No problem. We pick recipes from your diet, specifically for you and decide what type of food your prefer.
  2. I put together your plan using your recipes and create your personal shopping list along with tips on how and where to buy to save you time.
  3. You shop over time as you have the money.
  4. You’ll get continued support on how to use, cook, rotate and store your food storage.

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What you get:

  • 14 Recipes converted into your preferred “food storage” ingredients, put together into 1 easy PDF for you to use.
  • Ultimate shopping list for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months with how much of each ingredient you need to buy for all 14 of your recipes.
  • Notes and tips specifically related to YOUR meals.
  • An organized spread sheet with all your ingredients allowing you to see what you have, and need.
  • Continued help and support throughout the next year, with once a month email tips and tricks to best shop, use, and rotate your food storage.


  • Premium Support- One-on-one 30 min Video conversations to help you further your food storage once a month for a year.
  • “Building a Food Storage That Works for You” eBook

Save time now, and get started on your food storage.

What’s the difference between buying a bulk bucket from a large supply, and a custom food storage plan?


  • Lots of variety of food
  • Not sure how to use the food, as it may come with a recipe book
  • You may not enjoy the taste
  • Not sure how to cook with it
  • Unable rotate it, unless you keep paying the high price for a bucket
  • Saves you time- 100% work done for you
  • Does not save you money

Customized Food Storage Plan:

  • All food that YOU use and eat
  • Recipes you know how to cook
  • Meals you KNOW your family will eat
  • Ingredients in cans, and packages YOU use, and are easy to rotate
  • Saves you money
  • Saves you time- 75% work done for you
  • Know of a surety the type of food you are eating

How much time do I have to put into it so you can customize it?

Each person is different.  It is important to look through your plan and put in recipes you know your family enjoys. To simplify this process I have provided a list of 50+ recipes for you to look at and choose from that are already converted into food storage ingredients.  You can pick from this list, or pick from your own family cookbooks. Typically takes a person 30 min for a 7 meal plan, 1 hour for 14 meal plan, and 1 1/2 hours for a 21 meal plan.

How long will it take for YOU to customize my plan and get it back to me?

I work on each order on a first come first serve basis (as you fill out your worksheet and get it back to me… NOT in the order of who paid first).  If everything goes smoothly, and we can communicate back and forth quickly I’ll have yours completed within 2 weeks.  

Change your mind and want to switch recipes during or after my meal plan is completed?

I will gladly swap things around for you at an added cost.


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