Nutrimill Wheat Grinder Review

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The NutriMill Wheat Grinder is THE best grinder around!  My sister-in-laws gave it to us as a wedding gift, and I’ve been using it f or 6 years!  I was just getting started into food storage and wanted to make my own homemade bread… you know, becoming a New Wife and all…  Other than getting my “Bosch”… it’s been the BEST thing that ever happened to me!

*In the kitchen appliances section of course!*

I pretty much use my NutriMill wheat grinder for corn meal (for homemade corn bread) and wheat flour (homemade bread).  I’m sure there are LOTS of other uses I know nothing about.  I usually grind a lot of wheat at a time, then put the rest in the freezer for easy use later for pancakes/waffles, or muffins.  FYI: When you grind wheat it loses nutrients the longer it stays out.  Putting it in the freezer allows the nutrients to “stay” longer.

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Pros of the NutriMill Wheat Grinder

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  1. I can fit 4-8 cups of wheat to grind at a time… I honestly haven’t specifically measured it…
  2. There are multiple settings to adjust at your will.  There is a knob for adjusting the “course-ness” and how fast/slow you want the grain to go.
  3. Grinds very fast!  Especially compared to my hand grinder
  4. I love how hands free it is.. this allows me to get other things ready for the recipe while the grain is grinding.


  1. Expensive… although totally worth it if you use wheat flour a ton!
  2. It’s loud.  I don’t mind, but my kids do
  3. I personally feel like it can only grind about 4-6 cups at a time before it starts over heating.  I’ve never TESTED this out, to push it to the limits… too scared to try!
  4. It has many settings, but I’m not able to just “crack” the wheat like I can with the hand grinder.
  5. This is a large appliance which will most likely end up sitting on your counter.  It’s too tall to fit on most shelves in cabinets, so it eats up counter space.


Grab your FREE 3 Step strategy to starting and building a food storage which works for you HERE.

  1. Turn on the grinder BEFORE putting grain it… something about it being better for the machine… I NEVER did this the first 5 years… and it still works.  I probably should have read the instructions better…
  2. There are two types of settings.  High/Low which is how fast the grinder will allow the “food” to go through.  Fine/Course which is how thin/thick you want your grain to be ground…  does that make sense?
  3. To grind nice soft flour,  I set to High and Fine.
  4. For corn kernels for corn meal, I set to Low and Mid Course/Fine

If you are planning on making homemade bread every 1-3 months, I TOTALLY recommend buying this!  My mom just got one this past Mothers Day last year and LOVES it!   She’s been using some old one for the past 15+years and is SO amazed at how versatile it is!

What Electric Grinder do you use?  Comment Below

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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