How to Save on Air Conditioning

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10 Ways to save on air conditioning 1. Head down to the basement, it provides the perfect cool environment in the summer time. 2. Determine the best thermo
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With summer in full swing, I thought I would research and share with you the top ten tips to save on air conditioning to help you cut down on your electricity bill.

10 Ways to save on air conditioning

1. Head down to the basement

Honestly, this is what we do around here.  All of my kids toys have been transferred to the basement, and provide the perfect cool environment in the summer time.  Also, since we’ve sealed our windows up good, it stays pretty warm in the winter too!

2. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Set your thermostat up a few degrees when you are gone at work or sleeping, and down a few degrees when you are home.  Just a few hours during the night with the temperature up higher can save you $$$.

3. Thermostat placement

Be sure to place your thermostat on a good wall.  Putting it in the hottest room or hall in your house makes it kick on to cool it down a lot.  If you place it in a cooler room it won’t turn on as much.  Here is a great article on how to pick the perfect wall to place your thermostat.

4. Let the humidity set your AC pace

US Department of Energy says to set the AC speed to low on high humidity days.  “The slower air movement through the air-conditioning equipment removes more moisture from the air, improving comfort in your home.”

5. Clean all filters

Make sure you keep all your AC filters clean… in your basic house unit and even smaller portable units.  Check them monthly and switch out or clean if needed.  The unit will work less bringing in hair through a clean filter versus a dirty one.

6.  Keep air vents clean and open

We already talked about cleaning your AC filters to save on air conditioning, but you also want to make sure your air vents are clean and open to allow high quality air flow.

7. Ceiling or other fans

Fans are great at making you feel cooler because they circulate the air.  Set up a Fan in the “warm” rooms so you don’t feel the need to turn up your AC to keep cool.  Our kitchen is always hot!  We have learned to upgrade to a Ceiling Fan with each new home we buy to help keep it cool.

8. Or install portable air conditioners

If your room is tool large for a fan, try to install a small Portable Air Conditioner.  The cost of keeping that “hot” room cool with a portable unit verse cooling your whole house to keep that “hot” room tolerable will most likely cost less.

9.  Close curtains and blinds

Do you LOVE letting in the warm bright sunlight during those hot days?  Me TOO!  And that’s OK!  Just be sure to close the blinds and curtains back up when you’re finished in there.  These Blackout Curtain are AMAZING by the way (we’ve had ours for over 4 years!).  You can also invest in a Roller Shade.

10. Cover up the window cracks

I always think of this in the winter… but NEVER in the summer!  Why not?  Who knows.  This winter we FINALLY put caulk around the cracks in our front window.  For the past 3 years we’ve tried something different and it never worked!  We noticed a HUGE difference in the winter, and I’m already starting to notice less air coming in on our warmer days too!

11. Insulation Sticker

We already talked about curtains and blinds, but this is something that goes on the outside of your house.  It’s a sticker film that you apply to your window to reflect the light.

12. Alternative cooking

The oven is the WORST appliance that heats up your house so much…. thus making your AC work hard.  Try using a Crock-Pot, Pressure Cooker, or basic stove-top to make your meals.  Even better, go grill outside!  Cooking without your oven is a great way to save on air conditioning.  If you HAVE to cook, make sure you turn on the exhaust fan to take away the humidity… allowing it to feel cooler.  Or try cooking in the evening.  Read about a variety of outside cooking methods.  (Just think about how cool it will be inside when you go in to eat a warm meal after cooking it in the heat).

13. Increase plants around your house

Having plants on the outside that takes in the most sun can defiantly provide shade and keep the house cooler.   My husband does NOT like plants close to the house because he says it increases the bugs… so a large tree works just as well… or your neighbors tree.

14.  Get wet

Most think of this as heading outside to the pool… It doesn’t need to be that way.  Jump in  the shower f or a quick rinse off… cold wet hair does wonders in feeling like it’s cooler inside.  Send the kids to the bath tub to splash, or find a spray bottle to mist your face.  The water cools your body temperature allowing you to feel more comfortable in a warmer house.  This summer I’ve been getting my hair wet before bed, and I sleep much better since it cools me off.

Click here for a few more ways on how to save on AC this summer.

 What to you do to keep cool?  Comment below

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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