Holiday Proofing Your Food Storage

4 tips to holiday proofing your food storage so you won't be caught in the snow and CAN SAVE MONEY this holiday season! It's never too late to start

Are you ready for the holidays or are you like me, and kinda flying by the seat of your pants on the way into them?  Let’s learn how you can holiday proof your food storage to help get you through those holidays!

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4 Tips to Holiday Proofing your Food Storage

Let’s get you ready for the holidays using your food storage.

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1. List your Favorite Treats

Make a list of all your favorite treats and meals you typically make each year.

2. Check your inventory

Looking at your list, what do you have in your food storage NOW that you can include in these recipes (yep, that’s called rotation).

3. Make a list

Now make a list of everything else you need which isn’t in your food storage.  November and December are baking months, so the grocery stores put a TON of baking items on sale!  Knowing what you need before the holidays will let you shop around sales and save some extra cash to spend 🙂

Download your 3 Step Strategy to Starting a Simple Food storage—> YOU WILL EAT 😉 

4.  Grab sale items

What can you get NOW that’s on sale and buy enough to last you till next year?

In conclusion

Holiday proofing your food storage isn’t just about saving money.  It’s about rotating it.  It’s about realizing what meals you love to make and learning how to use that in your every day cooking!

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This post contains affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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