Where do I Get Food for Long Term Storage

There are many food storage companies out there where you can get food for long term storage. Each one has different prices, similar food, and all claiming their food to be the best and store the longest.   Which store is best for you to buy from?  Below I listed 5 different stores, which are my top choices because of:

  • prices
  • length of time in business
  • customer feedback
  • quality of food

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My Favorite Long Term Storage Companies


First, this is personally, my favorite store to purchase from.  They have been in business since 1951 and originally started as a grain mill selling bulk grains and baking supplies and then moved into the food storage and emergency preparedness business.  They have a few physical stores in Arizona and Utah.  What they sell:

  • Freeze-dried and dehydrated food
  • Bulk baking grains and supplies
  • Bucket food storage
  • Emergency preparedness items
  • Kitchen appliances
  • They have a flat rate of $4.99 shipping rate (which is AMAZING!!!) *This has changed, but is still cheaper than others.
  • Personally, I have found that their prices are always very comparable to other companies, or a little lower.  If you buy your physical product in the store, it’s MUCH cheaper than online.

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Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

I have bought a few items from this company, but not very often.  From what I hear from friends in the preparedness niche, this is another top notch company that has quality ingredients and great service.  Although, I’m not sure how long they have been in business.  They offer a low price guarantee, so you always know that what you see, is the best price they can offer.  They sell:

  • Freeze-dried and dehydrated food
  • Emergency preparedness items and kits
  • Bulk food storage in buckets
  • Individual food storage meals
  • Car emergency items

Home Storage Centers

Also, known as LDS (Mormon) stores.  DON’T WORRY, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MORMON TO BUY FROM THEM.  They, hands down, have the cheapest, quality food storage you will ever find.  Their prices are 50% of the common prices.  Their goal is to help you become prepared and to not make money off of it.  They don’t sell a huge variety of freeze-dried food storage, but here’s what they’ve got:

  • Bulk grains (wheat, flour, rice, oats, etc)
  • Beans and potatoes
  • A few drink mixes and other mixes
  • Water bottle filters
  • Honey and granola

Here is a great article introducing you to the Home Storage Centers.

Augason Farms

This company makes it easy to buy from them because they sell at some Walmarts, Sams Clubs, and Winco.  They have been in business for “over 40 years” and their goal is to improve the reputation of food storage”.  They sell:

  • Emergency preparedness items
  • Freeze dried and dehydrated food
  • Bulk “food storage buckets”- be aware of buying these and make sure you are getting the best deal

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Thrive Life

When you think about fresh, organic food, Thrive is what you need.  Although they are not my favorite company, I do need to mention Thrive Life because it is one of the top-selling food storage companies out there.  I’m not sure how old the company is, but they have great tasting food, many products, and great reviews.  They sell:

  • Freeze-dried food- from the best suppliers (think organic, which is why the prices are so high)
  • Emergency preparedness items
  • Food storage rotation shelves and pantry organizers
  • Single freeze-dried meal options
  • Bulk packages for freeze-dried food, as well as can sizes smaller than #10

A few other places to get food for long term food storage:

Lastly, here are a few more places, I don’t know much about them, but they are common ones in the food storage community as well.

The Ready Store

Wise Food Storage

Valley Food Storage

Prepare Wise

With many companies out there, with different prices and similar food it's hard to know which store is best to get food for long term storage.

In conclusion

Finally, finding the “best” place and price for food storage can be tricky.  I recommend you find 1-2 stores you feel good about and get food for long term storage from them.  This allows you to become familiar with the company and their prices.  If you are ready to start your food storage, watch my 4 step video series on how to build your food storage.

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Where do you get your food for long term storage?  Comment below.

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